Hello, and welcome to the very first installment of “Soshi on the Silver Screen”! For this new monthly feature, MoonSoshi9 and moonrise31 will watch and discuss the first episode of a show featuring our favorite girls. After all, what better way to get to know their amazing personalities than to watch the countless shows they’ve been a part of? No worries, we’ve embedded videos throughout the column and provided links at the end so you can join in on our general spazzing — highlighted through the italicized sections from our chat session — and reminiscing of good times caught on camera. For later releases, we’ll watch whatever you all vote for in the poll below, but to start it off we’ve decided to go with the first episode of “Girls Go To School”: a must-see for all SONEs. So whether you’re new to the fandom or ready to take a trip down memory lane, join us as we go to school with Girls’ Generation!

moonrise31: this was like the only exposure I ever got to super junior hahaha
MoonSoshi9: They were pretty funny at the door. so shy, but then, who wouldn’t be around snsd
moonrise31: ahhh oh my gosh seohyun
MoonSoshi9: casual snsd!
moonrise31: dude, seohyun is eating the hamburger

The episode opens with the girls working hard in what has now become the nostalgic SM practice room. Taeyeon and Sooyoung enter with paper bags of fast food, and the rest rush toward them, healthy maknae Seohyun even taking a bite out of Taeyeon’s hamburger. Soon afterward, their manager sits them down and announces that they will all be moving into a dormitory together. Most of the girls sit silent and still, realizing that they are one big step closer to their dream, but are also leaving their families behind. Their lives will never again be the same, although it’s unclear whether this new path will be for the better.


moonrise31: tiffany’s like the only excited one. she’s already so far away from home, I guess
MoonSoshi9: Yeah now she gets 8 sisters. It would be really cool for her. It would be hard for her too, being away from family
moonrise31: I know, right D:
MoonSoshi9: Haha they are getting used to their managers, like they can’t even believe they are about to be singers. So cute.
moonrise31: they’re dealing with the news differently too hahaha “let’s eat!” “let’s shop!” “I’m gonna practice.”
MoonSoshi9: “I can do it!”
moonrise31: You did do ittttt
MoonSoshi9: Taeyeon on the bridge by herself is such an amazing moment. They had a huge dream and believed in themselves.
moonrise31: iconic soshi moment, for sure


Worries are momentarily pushed to the side as the excitement of the new dorm settles in. The girls discover that the place has been decorated ahead of time, with pink and white balloons covering the walls and even hanging from the ceiling. They dash from one room to the other: this one is Sunny and Yuri’s, that one’s Tiffany and Seohyun’s. Jessica and Hyoyeon are roommates and Taeyeon, Sooyoung, and Yoona get the biggest bedroom. The manager tells them that they can have a party, so they immediately rush to get ready, whether it’s unpacking belongings or buying food for the festivities later that night.

MoonSoshi9: Yuri in the closet, what a dork haha. And Tiffany: “the pink one is mine” but of course, of course.
moonrise31: haha yeah no question
MoonSoshi9: that has never changed, even back then Tiffany was obsessed with pink
moonrise31: lucky for her that’s soshi’s color hahaha
MoonSoshi9: Aww Yoona Taeyeon and Sooyoung taking a selca. it must be a great memory for them, the day they moved into their dorm


MoonSoshi9: shopping carts are so full of food hahaha
moonrise31: that also has never changed hehe
MoonSoshi9: Can you imagine how rowdy it was with all 9 of them together in that dorm? omg haha
moonrise31: I don’t see why they were so excited about the party. it must be a party everyday XD
although, this day is different from all the others.

Girls’ Generation’s seniors and proud oppas, Leeteuk and Shindong from Super Junior, arrive at the girls’ new home for their surprise party. The boys can hardly contain their excitement as they get ready to celebrate a momentous occasion in their juniors’ lives and careers. Leeteuk and Shindong share advice for the soon-to-debut girls and show the family-like atmosphere that years of training together at SM has built.

MoonSoshi9: Shindong so nice setting up the balloons for them. Good oppa lol
moonrise31: I’ve never seen such a large birthday candle flame hahah
MoonSoshi9: I wonder what the girls wished for when they blew the candles out. They must have been very hopeful for the future at that time. It’s like the official beginning of SNSD, before the debut even, moving in and becoming a team.
moonrise31: I’m so glad we can share this moment with them
MoonSoshi9: Shindong: “These are special girls”
You got that right buddy
moonrise31: hahahahah agreed.

yoona selfcam

Of course, the girls are hopeful for their future as they move in together, but you can’t keep the “girl” out of Girls’ Generation. Yoona’s self-camera reveals the girls’ hilarious antics, but at the same time we get to see that even though they will soon debut, they are still normal girls with responsibilities, like Sunny heading off to school in the morning.

MoonSoshi9: Seohyun and Keroro I SHIP
moonrise31: OTP
MoonSoshi9: Hahahah the Sexy Boy bit, was so ridiculous
OMG Tiffany in glasses in the morning, she’s so cute
ALL the girls back then looked fresh. Like they just had this bright image and were pretty without a lot of makeup
moonrise31: and the makeup they use now makes them look…hm…more mature? Like a mature pretty instead of this freshness
MoonSoshi9: Imagine being a Soshi manager. You would probably get less sleep than Soshi themselves lol
moonrise31: oh goodness. good thing manager hwang is there too hahahaha
MoonSoshi9: Hahahah yes
Aww it’s over already!?
moonrise31: can we watch…another one hahahaha

“Girls Go To School” is perhaps the most important TV show the girls have been a part of. It chronicles so many huge moments in their lives as they prepare for the debut, as well as their debut itself. Through the show, they give us a glimpse into their lives, their stories, their relationship with each other, and their work. Not only as fans do we get to take that journey with them through the way the show is filmed, but “Girls Go To School” lasts as a moment of history for the girls as well. One day they can look back and see their youthful selves, bright-eyed and full of hope and excitement, and remember how before they became stars with fans all over the world, they were just nine girls moving in together, making a wish while blowing out a candle.


MoonSoshi9: So many amazing moments and the story of their debut and hardships. In fact, I can recall the moment I became a SONE was when I was watching one of the later episodes
When Jessica collapsed, it was heartbreaking T_T
moonrise31: they basically treated this as their debut stage. worked that hard for it, and they did that performance like four times? in a hot room without a/c.
MoonSoshi9: Oh yeah I see what you mean. I think that shows the kind of group they are. Even though it wasn’t their ‘official’ debut, they took it just as seriously
moonrise31: soshi doesn’t do anything halfway
MoonSoshi9: That’s one of the reasons I became a fan of them tbh. I like their music of course, but it’s them as people that I learned to admire and respect.
They are just fantastic all around as people and as artists.
moonrise31: Exactly. for me, their music is good, but I enjoy other groups’ songs just as much. what makes me a sone and not part of another fanclub is their work ethic, their personalities…look at them goofing off and you see how they handle all the stress.
and they have each other, which is arguably the most important part. You can’t look at them and not see the soshibond. no wonder they got to the top.

It’s impossible to just watch one episode, so head over to Soshisubs or the Soshisubs classics YouTube channel and watch all the subbed episodes of “Girl Go To School”. Let us know which show you would like to see highlighted next!

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