jessica asdfasfa

“Happy birthday, Ice Princess!”
And with this out of the way
That name is just a bit tired,
Now wouldn’t you say?

Because really, Jessica,
You’re much, so much more
Than the air-con loving trainee
We’ve all come to adore.

Over the years we’ve been so very lucky
To learn some quirks and what makes you tick
Beyond that incredible on-stage presence
And the “Sergeant Sica” shtick.

jessica IGAB

Baseball might not be your gift
But so many other things are
You debuted as a fresh new dancer
And now you’re the highest of stars.

Your “Sica Effect” has become precious
We know you’re only blunt because you care
Honesty is such a virtue
Who has time for loquacious flair?

But let’s melt that ice-cold aura
‘Cause we know for a fact that you’re warm
Caring for your members, your sister
Or keeping Kyungsan from harm.

jessica hello baby

Of course it’s hard to avoid “princess”
With a beauty that leaves us in awe
Model looks to make us speechless
The envious search in vain for a flaw.

And can we pause for just a moment
To appreciate that unbelievable voice
Whether it’s solos or OSTs, English or Korean
It’s no wonder that you’re first choice.

“Legally Blonde” stunned us completely
The spotlight was yours, times two
Please, Sic Woods, a third run now
Right now. N. O. W.

jessica those vocals

“We stay fresh by being silly.”
Though cucumbers always bring such a mess
Your personality puts your best foot forward
Even when running can be so much “STRESS!”

Getting piggyback rides after music shows
Dragging members down for “Himnae”
Are you really the second oldest?
Or have you been leading us astray?

But to see you so amazingly happy
Only makes our love grow even more
We laugh along with our own silly grins
What else could we ever ask for?

jessica tongue

Without a doubt, we’re head over heels
Struggling to stay on our feet
You’re cute one second and gorgeous the next
You really don’t miss a beat.

These past five years have been a joy
And there is so much more on the way
You’ve come this far since that summer of ’07
How proud we are, any SONE can say.

So a very happy birthday, Jessica
Thanks for the smiles, no matter when
Want to bring it back to 140?
We’ll gladly do it all over again.

jessica thumbs up

Image Sources: Pabian, Soshified Photo Gallery, Ling, ScrappyTongCoco, Woorissica
Written by: moonrise31@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified, MoonSoshi9@soshified