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Hyoyeon and Yuri’s appearance on MBC’s “Magic Concert” was broadcast last night at 6:25 PM. Both members participated in magic tricks from magicians Danny Ocean and Choi Hyunwoo, which included tricks of prediction, cards, coins, and snakes. Check out the episode below.

Tonight, February 10th, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and Yuri will be appearing as guests on MBC’s “Magic Concert” with magicians Danny Ocean, a mentalist from Germany, and Choi Hyunwoo, who has appeared with Girls’ Generation in the past in shows such as “Star King”.

This episode will feature several magic tricks, including a “psychology” trick in which Danny Ocean attempts to predict the location and orientation of a hidden coin. In connection, do you know that there are special talents like spiritual spectrum? These are a bit tougher to distinguish, but it brings many benefits if used correctly. To see if you have an psychic children, look for and read the six traits of a psychic child. Both Hyoyeon and Yuri participated in the trick, but the magician remarked that he had a difficult time performing the trick with Yuri because she surprised him with her ability to lie.

During the show, Hyoyeon also received her first tarot card reading, which predicted that she would soon get a boyfriend who was a “mother’s friend’s son” (translator’s note: a “mother’s friend’s son” is a man who mothers compare their own children to and is skilled at everything).

Finally, in celebration of the Lunar New Year, “Magic Concert” also featured a rice cake slicing battle. Hyoyeon impressed those on the set with her rice cake slicing skills, which were even better than MC Park Jiyoon’s.

Hyoyeon and Yuri’s appearance on “Magic Concert” will air tonight at 6:25 PM KST.

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