Girls’ Generation Leaves Messages for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day


In anticipation of Lunar New Year, Girls’ Generation left a celebratory message on Universal Music Malaysia’s YouTube channel. The girls wish SONEs a happy Lunar New Year, punctuating the message with a collective “Gong Xi Fa Cai!” (Happy New Year!). In addition, on Universal Music’s official Facebook page, the girls left another short message to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day.

CASIO Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Girls’ Generation’s Photoshoot

CASIO recently released behind-the-scenes footage of Girls’ Generation’s Baby-G “Kiss Me” photoshoot. The video features clips of all nine girls decked out in colorful makeup and happily modeling, individually and as a group, for the watch brand in a variety of poses.

Seohyun Voted Top “Mama-dol”

Recently on MBC’s “Weekly Idol”, Seohyun was voted as the top “Mama-dol”, or idol that cares for her fellow members like a mother. Even though she is the youngest member of Girls’ Generation, fans are well aware of her healthy habits and wise words she often passes on to the other girls.

Girls’ Generation Sends Lunar New Year Wishes on “Entertainment Weekly”

Girls’ Generation sent Lunar New Year wishes on KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly”. The girls filmed a short and sweet message for all their fans while in their “I Got A Boy” outfits.

Girls’ Generation Appears on “KBS World Radio”

Girls’ Generation recently appeared on the “Backstage Chat” segment of “KBS World Radio” to answer a variety of questions sent in by fans from all around the world. The original clip and translated transcript of the show can be found here.

MBC’s “Section TV” Inteviews Yoona and Lee Minho

MBC’s “Section TV” recently aired a behind-the-scenes interview featuring Yoona and Eider CF co-star, Lee Minho. The interview touched on several topics, from Yoona looking older than her age, a quality commonly attributed to Lee Minho as well, to whether Yoona felt any burden of having to fulfill the role of “center” for Girls’ Generation. Yoona, looking flawless as usual, answered the questions with grace, replying that being the “center” was indeed a burden at first, but something that she had since gotten used to. Rounding off the interview on a cute note, Yoona and Lee Minho both did their best renditions of the “Cutie Player” before bidding viewers farewell. The full clip is available in Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

Girls’ Generation Sends New Year Greetings to Hong Kong Fans

On February 10th, Girls’ Generation members sent Lunar New Year greetings to their fans in Hong Kong. The girls’ kind message was filmed backstage in their “I Got A Boy” outfits.


Lotte Department Store Reveals New Advertisement Featuring Jessica

lds valentines day sica

Lotte Deparment Store revealed a new advertisement featuring Jessica. With Valentine’s Day drawing near, Jessica is wearing a cute red coat while sending a heart pose to all her fans.

“Beauty Talk with Jessica” to Be Held on February 12th

beauty talk with jessica banila co

banila co. will hold a special event with Jessica on February 12th at 2:00 PM KST. Taking place at the Lotte Department Store in Seoul, “Beauty Talk with Jessica” will be another fun outing for fans.

LLang Releases New Photo Featuring Sooyoung


LLang’s official Facebook page released a new photo featuring Sooyoung. With spring just around the corner, Sooyoung shows off the brand’s various cosmetic products.

Yakult Uploads New Cover Photo Featuring Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Sooyoung


Yakult’s official Facebook page uploaded a new cover photo featuring Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Sooyoung. The photo, part of the brand’s “Diet LOOK” campaign with Girls’ Generation, also includes Lunar New Year wishes.

THEFACESHOP Uploads Photo of Seohyun for Lunar New Year


THEFACESHOP uploaded a picture of Seohyun to its Facebook page, wishing all of its followers a happy Lunar New Year.


“I Got A Boy” Places First on MelOn’s “Top 100 Monthly Chart”

Melon chart

Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” placed first on MelOn’s “Top 100 Monthly Chart” for the month of January. You can read more about the girls’ chart-topping achievements last month here.

Yoona Appears in “Allure” Magazine

photo (1)

This month’s issue of “Allure”, an American beauty magazine, features none other than Girls’ Generation’s own Yoona in one of its articles! The “Pop Tart” article quickly breaks down Yoona’s look from “Hoot” promotions, citing The Ronettes, Bratz, and Disney icon Minnie Mouse. Thanks to Angelica for sending in the tip.

Girls’ Generation Appears in “The Straits Times”


Girls’ Generation and “I Got A Boy” were recently featured in “The Straits Times”, a Singaporean newspaper. The feature noted the newest concept change for the girls, their reactions to the response their title track received, the strong relationship each of the girls has with one another, and their thoughts on their second Japanese tour.

Girls’ Generation Uploads New Photo and Message on SONE PLUS+

snsd sone plus+

Girls’ Generation uploaded a new photo and message onto Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese mobile website, SONE PLUS+. In their short message, the girls introduce the opening of the site while also revealing their excitement for the start of Girls’ Generation’s second Japanese tour. To read the full translated message, visit Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Jessica Uploads a Photo onto Girls’ Generation’s Official Website


Jessica uploaded a photo onto Girls’ Generation’s official website. In the photo, Jessica is making cute poses in front of the camera while wearing a hanbok. She also added a photo of her and Yoona as a bonus. In her message, Jessica said that they are doing their Japan arena tour now and wished everyone a happy Lunar New Year from Japan. She also recommended everyone to eat lots of tteokguk (rice cakes in soup).

Yoona Uploads New Photo and Message on Girls’ Generation’s Official Website

yoona official message

On February 10th, Yoona revealed a cute photo and message onto Girls’ Generation’s official website. Yoona uploaded her message from Japan, telling SONEs to stay warm and wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year.

Sooyoung Uploads New Photo and Message onto Girls’ Generation’s Official Website

sooyoung official message

Sooyoung uploaded a new photo and message onto Girls’ Generation’s official website. Sooyoung thanked fans for participating in community service in her name and for SONEs’ undying support for Girls’ Generation. In her photo, she revealed her birthday cake and the birthday celebration with her family in Japan.


“Vogue Girl Korea” Releases Behind-the-Scenes Preview Photos of Tiffany



“Vogue Girl Korea” recently released a pair of behind-the-scenes pictures from Tiffany’s recent photoshoot for her feature in the upcoming March issue of the magazine. Although the snapshots are only a preview of things to come, Tiffany looks fantastic as usual, with a colorful set and outfit that seem to match Girls’ Generation’s recent “I Got A Boy” promotions.

Jessica Uploads New UFOtown Profile Picture

sica ufo

Jessica recently changed her profile picture for UFOtown. Wearing casual clothes while sipping a drink, she is dressed simply but looks so beautiful.

Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, and Sooyoung Upload Photos onto SONE PLUS+


jessica sone+ 2

jessica sone+ 1

sooyoung sone +

Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, and Sooyoung all posted photos on Girls’ Generation’s newly opened Japanese mobile fansite, SONE PLUS+. Taeyeon and Sunny can be seen eating their favorite desserts, while Jessica posted two cute photos in one of her stage outfits from Girls’ Generation’s second Japanese tour. In the last picture, Sooyoung is posing for a birthday photo, holding a pink heart balloon and wearing a birthday hat while smiling brightly for the camera.

New Sets of Pictures

DOUBLE-M Sooyoung1, Sooyoung2, Sooyoung3

Eider Yoona1, Yoona2, Yoona3, Yoona4, Yoona5, Yoona6

Innisfree Yoona1, Yoona2, Yoona3

Mamonde Yuri1, Yuri2

THEFACESHOP Seohyun1, Seohyun2, Seohyun3, Seohyun4

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 02/04: Left Gimpo Airport in Seoul for Japan – Fantaken and Press Images

• 02/04: Arrived in Japan

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

St.319 (Saint 319), an independent dance group from Vietnam, recently covered “I Got A Boy” and did an amazing job with the song’s powerful choreography. The group based the dance cover on the music video for “I Got A Boy” and even threw hats and changed outfits in between scenes.

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