On February 10th, we celebrated Sooyoung’s birthday, and she wanted to let international fans know that she was thinking of us as well. It was a very thoughtful and kind gesture, but I was sent this CD and message for international fans from Sooyoung. She really wanted to stress her love and adoration for international fans.

No one told Sooyoung to send this, she insisted herself. After hearing about Soshified’s donation for the Korea Retinitis Pigmentosa Society and our love for her and Girls’ Generation these past 5 years, she wanted to do something as well for us. It’s a very sweet thing that can hopefully brighten everyone’s days!


It reads:

“To. Soshified (♥) Thanks for ur unconditional Love & Support :) I really appreciate it ♥ – SY”

Let’s continue to work harder in the future to support Girls’ Generation and continue to show them what good international fans can do. They are always thinking of the fans.

Remember to drop Sooyoung a message in her birthday thread.

Special thank you to withsosi.