On November 23rd, Girls’ Generation performed at the “SMTOWN Live World Tour III” in Singapore together with their fellow SM Entertainment labelmates. The concert was held at The Float @ Marina Bay, the largest floating stage in the world. Nearly 24,000 people attended the concert, which lasted for around four hours.

Before the concert, Yuri managed to sneak into a crowd of fans to watch the rehearsals. She posed for a picture, hiding with her sunglasses and a jacket over her head. Two hours before the concert was scheduled to start, Seohyun represented Girls’ Generation at the press conference. Dressed in the outfit from “The Boys”, she introduced herself in English and wished everyone a fun night. She was also concerned for the fans who had to wait so long in the rain.

However, it was also during this time that a thunderstorm hit Singapore, forcing the organizers to delay the concert. The storm was horrendous, as per Singapore’s weather, but the sky cleared after about an hour and a half. Even so, it had caused many technical problems such as the big screens short-circuiting numerous times, as well as an odd, chipmunk effect in the sound system. In particular, many of the female artists were affected by this.

The first Girls’ Generation member to step on stage was Jessica. She teamed up with her younger sister, Krystal from f(x), to perform Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”. A particularly memorable part of this performance was when Krystal forgot a small part of the dance routine and was pulled back, very cutely, by Jessica.

The next performance by a member of Girls’ Generation was none other than Taeyeon’s “Devil’s Cry”. Her rocking performance shook the whole place, and everyone was screaming wildly even before she began singing. One downside to this performance was that the sound system had been affected by the rain, and her voice came out squeaky. After Taeyeon finished “Devil’s Cry”, the other girls came out and joined her in performing “Run Devil Run”. Fans were finally able to see Sunny’s new purple hair for themselves.

Following this, the girls took a short break by introducing themselves. They gave a Korean introduction, followed by an English introduction, and finally individual introductions. All the girls introduced themselves very cutely, but Seohyun, in particular, wowed everyone with her flawless English. Both Tiffany and Seohyun mentioned that they had been worrying about fans standing in the rain and are thankful that they toughed it out. Tiffany also said that she misses the fans in Singapore and is glad to be back. Finally, she rounded off by saying, “Stay dry, okay?” Jessica then went on to introduce the next song that they would be singing, “Genie”.

The fanchants for “Genie” were tremendously loud, and Tiffany made the crowd even more excited by shouting, “Singapore, put it back on!” It was definitely one of the best performances of the night.

The next song was “Twinkle” by Girls’ Generation – TTS. The girls came out in their white and black outfits, and they added on sequined jackets for their next performance, “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”, featuring EXO’s D.O, Chanyeol, Luhan and Sehun. This performance was incredible because Tiffany waved nonstop to fans and made hearts with her arms. She also kept running around and saying hi to fans. After this, it was time for the dance battle. Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona represented Girls’ Generation and sent the crowd into a frenzy with their hot costumes and moves.


The next Girls’ Generation song was “MR. TAXI”. The girls came out in gold and black outfits. Taeyeon, Sunny, and Seohyun were wearing gold-sequined caps which made their costumes even more amazing. During the song, everyone was singing along and waving their lightsticks. After this, the girls changed into their signature “Gee” outfits, white shirt and shorts, and caused the seated fans to go crazy by appearing on the extended stage on the track. During the performance, fans kept the energy level up by chanting along with the girls. “Kissing You” literally started off with a bang as streamers exploded out into the sky. This was by far the most engaging performance by the girls as they spent the whole song running around greeting and waving to fans. Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, and Seohyun were in a cart, and they were playing around in it as it moved.

The last performance by Girls’ Generation was none other than “The Boys”. Unfortunately, it started raining again before it, but the girls, as well as all the other artists, remained professional and continued dancing. The “GG” cheer was deafening, and some of the girls smiled when they heard it.

Finally, the girls returned to the stage with all the other artists to perform “Hope”. During this time, Taeyeon took an umbrella to shield Kangta from the rain, and her cuteness was overwhelming. Also, Hyoyeon and Seohyun took an umbrella and ran off to the side of the stage. They stood in front of the fans and did a dorky dance, causing many fans, such as myself, to get a heart attack. Many other things happened during the last performance, so keep an eye out for fan accounts here.

Despite the heavy downpour, the torturous queueing, and all of the other setbacks, “SMTOWN Live World Tour III” in Singapore was still amazing.

Written by: letaengbutt@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified, MoonSoshi9@soshified
Images and video by: shel9ves, KAvenyou, Mirza, SMTOWN GLOBAL, [email protected]

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