Hello and welcome back for another edition of “The Best of the Best”, a monthly look into the very best of anything to do with Girls’ Generation. Last month, your votes decided that this edition of “The Best of the Best” will look into my favorite fan-made music videos, or FMVs, that focus on Girls’ Generation. However, as I was coming up with this month’s list, I realized that there are a huge amount of amazing and creative works by fans of Girls’ Generation and that choosing only five would be too difficult. Rather than make difficult choices and because this is my column and I can do whatever I want with it, I decided instead to split this month’s edition into two parts. This first part will feature my favorite FMVs based on one member of Girls’ Generation, while the second will list my favorite FMVs that focus on Girls’ Generation as a group. As usual, I’ve also included a poll for you to decide what next month’s column will feature, and I would love to hear what your favorite FMVs are in the comments. Now that that’s all finished, here we go with an extra long “The Best of the Best”, and I’ll see you in Part 2!

9. My Lucky Strike

After more than five years as an idol, Seohyun has grown from the baby of the Girls’ Generation into a beautiful lady who has graced magazines, photoshoots, commercials, and music videos of other artists. Set to Maroon 5’s “My Lucky Strike”, this video combines clips of Seohyun in performances of “Twinkle” and “PAPARAZZI”, shows such as “Talk Concert”, “We Got Married”, “Show! Music Core”, and “Sketchbook”, magazine shoots for “@star1” and “K-wave” magazines, CFs for Ace Bed and Goobne Chicken, and music videos for Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” and TRAX’s “오! 나의 여신님 (Oh! My Goddess)”. Though the scenes and videos vary, this FMV combines them to show that Girls’ Generation’s brilliant and beautiful maknae is definitely one in a million.

8. Funny Deeryoona

Despite being the center and face of Girls’ Generation, Yoona has never been afraid to sacrifice her image for the benefit of the show and to entertain her fans. With her alligator smile and flounder face, as well as her unique imitations and “unnieeee” aegyo, Yoona is as funny as she is undeniably beautiful, and her fans know that her gorgeous looks are matched by her humor and wonderful personality. This FMV combines both of these sides of Yoona, showing her ladylike smile and wide-mouthed grin, her poise as one of Girls’ Generation’s lead dancers and attempts to annoy her unnies as the group’s second youngest member, and her care for Kyungsan and hilarious imitations of Ahn Youngmi. Though Yoona’s looks are immediately striking, this video makes it clear that there is so much more to Yoona than what first meets the eye.

7. Message to S♡NE

Even if she doesn’t download every performance or collect every photocard, it was one of Girls’ Generation’s biggest fans who made my very favorite FMV dedicated to Sooyoung. On August 28th, 2011, Sooyoung was involved in a car accident that left her with an injury that prevented her from performing with Girls’ Generation at three SMTOWN concerts in Tokyo and at Girls’ Generation’s second Asia tour concert in Taiwan. Fans all over the world responded by sending handwritten and video messages to Sooyoung to express their love and concern, and on September 8th, one day before the start of Girls’ Generation’s three concerts in Taiwan, a video response made by Sooyoung herself was uploaded to SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. In it, Sooyoung used an introduction with Woody and several photos to give her thanks for the prayers and love she received, to reassure fans that she was doing perfectly fine, and to encourage those attending the concert in Taiwan to cheer for the other eight members of Girls’ Generation. Though there may be better edited videos out there, this one wins a spot as my favorite for being made by Sooyoung herself, using images that fans never would have thought she would find to create a very personal and heartfelt FMV. Check out the subbed version of Sooyoung’s video message here.

6. All About Kwon Yuri

Though she is not the oldest or the youngest member, the tallest or the shortest, the main dancer, main vocalist, or main actress, Yuri distinguishes herself from the other members of Girls’ Generation in countless ways. This FMV shows Yuri’s stunning and sexy dances, her singing, her skills with languages other than Korean, her love for takoyaki, her silly laughs, and so many more of her traits and habits that set her apart from the rest. This video is all about Yuri and at the same time, is all about why we fall more in love with her everyday.

5. You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful

This touching video dedicated to Hyoyeon needs no description or explanation, but since that’s my job, I’ll try anyway. As Girls’ Generation’s lead dancer, Hyoyeon quickly found that her specialty in popping and hip-hop greatly contrasted with the choreographies of “Kissing You”, “Gee”, “Oh!”, and other songs. Trained for fierce dances and fast movements, Hyoyeon had difficulties waving lollipops and admitted on “Invincible Youth 2” that she was still uncomfortable with acting cute and pretty. However, this fantastic FMV shows what fans of Girls’ Generation have long known: that Hyoyeon is naturally pretty and cute, and never has to act like she is. Finally, though her beautiful looks have recently received much more attention, she remains as unassuming as ever. Hyoyeon may not know she is beautiful, but as this video proves, everyone else definitely does.

4. Tiffany Cute

Before she became the drop dead gorgeous, bombshell goddess Tiffany Hwang we know today, Girls’ Generation’s resident English speaker and pink lover was a charming, short-haired teenager with slightly clumsy Korean who won over the hearts of fans with her kindness, her sincerity, her voice, her love for her fans, and because of how incredibly cute she was. The title of this video says it all, as it combines dozens of clips of Tiffany being absolutely adorable in shows from 2007 to 2010, such as “Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekso”, “Hello Baby”, “Star Golden Bell”, “Show! Music Core”, “Strong Heart”, and many others. For those who love Tiffany’s eye smile (in other words, everyone reading this), this must-watch amazing video is 3 minutes and 36 seconds of heaven and is one of my favorite FMVs ever.

3. Kisses

While all the members of Girls’ Generation frequently display their affection for each other, it is Sunny who is most known for showing her love through powerful and over-the-top kisses. In fact, she has been seen kissing or nearly kissing the other members so many times that enough footage exists to make this very sweet video of Sunny pulling Jessica, Tiffany, and Yoona for light pecks on the cheeks and passionately grabbing Taeyeon, Yuri, and Seohyun by their necks to playfully pretend to kiss them on the lips. Best of all, some members can also be seen returning the favor. Set to Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me”, this adorable FMV is one of the cutest that I’ve seen and never fails to make me smile, winning a spot on my list of the top nine FMVs.

2. Afterwards

Known as the “Ice Princess” when Girls’ Generation first debuted, Jessica was once seen as having a cold personality that made her seem distant and unfriendly. However, as the years have gone by, it’s become clear that Jessica is not at all the “Ice Princess” she introduced herself as, and is actually very gentle, friendly, and adorable. This wonderful FMV reveals the Jessica who fans have grown to know and love: the kind-hearted Jessica who would take photos with children at the airport, who always thanks her fans, who helps pick up others who have fallen, and who loves her fellow members and her little sister. Parts of this video are also very light-hearted, showing clips of Jessica’s pouty aegyo, athletic talents, and drawing skills. Those who may still think of Jessica as the “Ice Princess” should be sure to watch this amazing video, because afterwards, they surely won’t think the same.

1. This Is Why People Love Taeyeon

It’s impossible to explain all the reasons why people love Taeyeon in only one video, but this FMV makes for a great start and is filled with dozens of cute clips, snippets of Taeyeon’s powerful performances, and many instances of her beautiful smile and laughter. Girls’ Generation’s little leader is seen being happy, sad, nervous, and thankful, having fun on variety shows, hosting “Show! Music Core”, and performing songs such “The Boys”, “Twinkle”, “Missing You Like Crazy”, and “Lady Marmalade”, all showing just a little of why fans love her so much.


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