Fans of Girls’ Generation in Northern California recently released the first episode of “Running SONE”, a show based on the popular variety show “Running Man” and entirely recorded, edited, and produced by fans. “Running SONE” saw 26 participants and 10 “staff members” meet in the morning at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park for a day filled with challenges and laughs. Complete with “Running Man”‘s trademark name tags, the show drew inspiration from many of the original show’s games while including a Girls’ Generation twist. Also similar to “Running Man”, “Running SONE” featured clever editing, a final chasing mission bordering on dangerous, a witty and talkative MC wearing green, an embarrassing punishment for the losing team, and lots of running.

In an interview, MC Tommy (tmyster@soshified) revealed several details of the planning and filming process. He explained that filming actually lasted for eight hours with three main video cameras and several DSLR cameras. A full week was needed to edit the episode, while planning took three months. Though only 20 to 25 people were expected to attend, 36 fans arrived to either join in the games or serve as staff members for what was, according to Tommy, “The biggest event we’ve ever hosted.”

While the idea of a “Running Man” event had previously been discussed, Tommy suggested that games be played and the entire event recorded in order create self-made version of the popular variety show. “When people realized that we were going to be filming our own ‘variety show’, everyone hopped on board, and those who couldn’t make it were bummed, but supportive,” Tommy said.

A member named Ralph (coffeeprincesj@soshified) served as the show’s PD and editor. With Tommy, he reviewed all of the recorded footage to brainstorm ideas and proceeded to edit the episode. “Ralph did all of the editing, and it only took him a week,” Tommy said. Ralph also created the show’s logo, a combination of the original “Running Man” logo and the “Run Devil Run” silhouette, as suggested by Tommy.

Tommy also hinted at the “Running SONE”‘s future, saying, “We are in the midst of planning for our Halloween edition, so stay tuned for that!” He explained, “This time around, we want it to be more personal and bring out the characters of our participants, like they do in ‘Running Man’. With that, there will be less participants, but more variety.”

Finally, Tommy gave a shoutout to his fellow fans from Northern California, saying, “I would just like to say ‘thank you’ to all of the Norcal SONEs who helped me make this event happen: from the main cast, to the staff, to the participants. It has really been an honor and privilege to organize and MC such a successful event. I’m looking forward to seeing how far ‘Running SONE’ can get. Thank you for all of the love and support. Norcal SONEs Fighting!”

A big thanks to Tommy for participating in the interview. Check out episode one of “Running SONE” below.






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