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If you were given the chance to choose a Girls’ Generation song for the girls to sing in English, which song would you choose and why?


I would choose “Time Machine” because it’s an amazing song. I love the lyrics and especially the melancholic melody because it always gets me. However, I’d prefer to hear an original English song because somehow or another, remakes of songs always turn out weird.


“Let It Rain”. They already sang it in Japanese and Korean, so just like “The Boys”, I want to hear it in English, too. There is already quite a bit of English in the song, especially the chorus, but I really love the message and sound of the song. I think it’s one of their best, and an English version could be really cool.

I only became a SONE about four to five years after Girls’ Generation made their debut. Should I feel regretful or happy?


Welcome to the fanclub! Better late than never, right? I guess there are some things which you’ve missed out on over the last few years, but don’t worry because there’s more to come. 2008 was a tough year for SONEs and Girls’ Generation, but it was after that incident that made the girls who they are now. I guess things happen for a reason, so just be thankful for everything.


I didn’t know about Girls’ Generation until “Hoot”, so I kind of know where you’re coming from. I would have loved to be there supporting these girls from day one, cheering them on at their debut and going crazy during the “Gee” era with all the Music Bank wins. When I learned more and more about Girls’ Generation and all the hard times they went through, like the black ocean incident in 2008 and their long hiatus before “Gee”, I wish I could have been there to support them. I think this is just a natural feeling, wanting to have been a fan from the start, to have more time with them. After all, we did miss out for years, right? In that sense there is some regret, but on the other hand, we are fans now. We support them now and get to learn about their past. It’s a really cool feeling watching old shows with the girls for the first time and discovering their personalities, or watching old performances or radio shows and seeing how they have grown. Although we won’t ever get that time from before, we still have the future to look forward to, and the girls know this. They know that a SONE, whether they were a fan from the beginning or just became a fan yesterday, is still a SONE. They love each and every fan, and that you can definitely be happy about.

What is your opinion regarding attention paid to the girls aesthetic values and how much attention do you think is given to their other values and talents by comparison?
-Jamie 占美


This is a really ironic matter. The whole point of being a musician or a singer is because you have the talent that others don’t. However, what we’re seeing nowadays is singers being forced to fit into society’s definition of beauty. Instead of focusing on raw talent, which like I said, is the whole point of being a singer, more focus is on presenting the singer as a suitable “face” for music. By joining the entertainment industry, you have to conform to how people view beauty. No matter how talented you are, aesthetic values still play a very big part in being a celebrity. The sad thing is that no matter how hard we try to defy this logic, it will always apply to the situation. Compare a singer with the face, the body, the everything, to a singer who’s just average-looking. The singer who has everything will inevitably be more popular because that’s how society works. The irony here is that these people are singers. Singers are singers because of their talent. Not because of how they look. So really, it’s all messed up.


Well, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to acknowledge that Girls’ Generation members are gorgeous. I mean, let’s be honest here. They are really really ridiculously good-looking. Where it starts to bother me though is when people say that they are only pretty and do not recognize or acknowledge their talents. However, I think the girls do a wonderful job of showing off what they are capable of so people do recognize them as both talented and gorgeous, and not just as pretty girls with nice legs. As an example, Taeyeon and Tiffany are very well-known for their singing ability, Sunny is praised for her incredible variety skills as well as her acting and singing in her musical, and Hyoyeon is widely recognized as one of the best dancers in the business and is also getting a lot of love for her comedy on “Invincible Youth 2”. Sometimes it might be easier to see when people say, “Oh my god look at her legs they are so long and thin, so gorgeous!”, but from my experience the same people also say, “Wow she is so funny!” That’s the charm of Girls’ Generation: nine gorgeous women all with multiple talents.

Out of all the group photos that the girls have taken over the past few years, which are the top 3 photos that you think best show off their Soshi Bond?


From 3rd to 1st:



Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.


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