Jessica and her sister Krystal of f(x) recently attended the 2012 Paralympics Inaugural Ceremony where they were both appointed ambassadors for the London Paralympics. They answered a few questions in a short interview with the Korean Paralympic Committee.

Q. How does it feel becoming the ambassadors for the London Paralympics in Korea?
It’s an honor becoming the ambassadors of our proud Paralympic athletes. We have respect for the athletes who overcame adversity, through sweat and efforts, to become members of the national team. We will be active to give strength to the athletes.

Q. What will you do as ambassadors?
In order to promote the London Paralympics, we are planning on doing all that we can. When there is an important match, we will cheer them on and will also inform our group members for more support. ^^

Q. Is there a Paralympic sport you like the most?
We watched wheelchair basketball on the internet and TV before. It was dynamic and fun. We heard that they are just as strong in archery and shooting as a regular athlete, so we hope there is word about them winning gold. We will look forward to seeing the Korean flag echoing through the London sky. ^^

Q. Please say a few words as ambassadors to Korean citizens.
Everyone, the national Paralympic team is very great and proud. Jessica and Krystal will be cheering on the Korean national Paralympic teams’ fights! Korean citizens, please take part in it, too!!

Source: Korean Paralympic Committee Official Blog
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified

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