For this month’s review, MoonSoshi9 and letaengbutt will be taking a look at the “Girls’ Generation First Japan Tour” blu-ray edition. This blu-ray version of the tour was released together with a DVD version, and you can still purchase them here.

Girls’ Generation First Japan Tour Blu-ray [Limited Edition]


Excluding their individual performances, the girls performed a total of 24 songs with the following track list:

2. you-aholic
4. I’m In Love With The HERO
5. Let It Rain
6. Snowy Wish
8. Kissing You
9. Oh!
12. Run Devil Run Intro (Taeyeon – Devil’s Cry)
13. Run Devil Run
14. Beautiful Stranger
15. HOOT
16. Complete
17. My child
18. Naengmyun
19. HaHaHa Song
20. Gee
22. Into The New World
23. Way To Go (Himnae)
24. It’s Fantastic!


Let’s start off with the packaging. I love how the outer casing of this box is so lace-inspired and intricately designed, yet as you start taking everything out one by one, the designs gradually become simpler. The group pose from the start of “GENIE” makes a really good cover in my opinion, and I especially love how the main theme of the packaging is black and gold. This edition of the blu-ray comes with a photo book packed with photos from the performances as well as backstage photos, and there are also ten gold pins that come neatly placed in a black box.

Moving on to the performances.

I feel that as compared to the “Girls’ Generation: The First Asia Tour Into The New World”, this concert far outdid the first tour. It might just be the fact that I think the first Japanese album is Girls’ Generation’s best album as of yet, but I enjoyed this concert a lot more. Even though I gave high ratings for the Into The New World First Asia Tour, there are certain elements from this concert which I think are much better than the previous tour. For example, the special stages in “Let It Rain”, “Beautiful Stranger”, “I’m In Love With The HERO”, and others make it feel more like a Girls’ Generation concert than just a normal live performance by the girls. While the first tour did have several special stages, I think that because of the experience that came with the first tour, the special dance breaks and such were pulled off a lot smoother in this concert.

Out of all the performances, those that deserve special attention would definitely be “Beautiful Stranger”, “Devil’s Cry” and “My Child”. These stages were fantastic, and I especially love the short but incredibly sexy remix during “Beautiful Stranger”. The whole concept of the girls hitting the plastic screens with batons was absolutely mind-blowing. Taeyeon’s “Devil’s Cry” performance also nearly sent my heart into overdrive with her amazing vocals. Who ever knew Taeyeon could sing rock like that? As for “My Child”, the girls’ cute marching band outfits led by Captain Taeng and the Girls’ Generation boat was so adorable. Even though I love the strong and charismatic side of Girls’ Generation, this cute and childish side of the girls sent me squealing in no time.

All in all, I’d say this is a must-have for all fans, though it is a little pricey. I was slightly disappointed that the solo stages weren’t included in this concert, but I suppose the suspense of having it in the second tour DVD is what keeps the fans coming back for more.

Packaging: 8/9
Songs: 8/9
Overall: 8/9 


I’m not much of a fan of the gold pins that come with the blu-ray, but they are well made and classy looking. The best part of the packaging is definitely the photo book. It’s not big, but there are some great pictures from the tour. The backstage pictures are especially cool since it is something that is rarely seen. The limited edition of the blu-ray also has a special movie of the girls that was used during the concert.

The First Japan Tour starts off with a bang with one of the best songs in the concert. The opening performance of a remix version of “GENIE” starts with sexy looks and a slowed down beat. Tiffany turns into Rapper Hwang before she yells out her iconic line, tailored for this audience: “Tokyo, put it back on!” Fireworks explode, and by the time the lights are killed with the girls in the ending pose for “GENIE”, you have to pick your jaw up off the floor.

From the precision of “Mr. Taxi”‘s choreography and the high flying metal version of “Hoot”, to the cute antics during “Snowy Wish” and emotional moments during “Complete”, the entire concert shows off every side of Girls’ Generation.

Unfortunately, none of the English songs are included, which means we don’t get to see “Lady Marmalade”, “Danny Boy”, or any of the solos except for “Devil’s Cry”. The lack of solos is lamentable, but “Devil’s Cry” pretty much makes it all OK. It is perhaps my favorite performance of the concert, and the cinematic editing makes Taeyeon’s soaring notes and rocker flair even more epic.

While the solos aren’t included, it is actually nice that we can watch the concert without waiting a year and a half like the First Asia Tour DVD. The blu-ray has amazing HD quality and surround sound that make parts of the concert feel like you are there amongst the SONEs in the pink ocean. In other parts, the camera work and editing are designed to give a more cinematic feel. The First Japan Tour blu-ray has a rather steep cost, and even though some performances are missing, the visual and audio quality is something you must experience. Once you see the diamond open at the beginning, you know it’s worth it.

Packaging: 6/9
Songs: 8/9
Overall: 8/9 


Written by: letaengbutt@soshified, MoonSoshi9@soshified

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