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Writer’s Review March 2012: ‘Girls’ Generation First Japan Tour’ Blu-ray
Posted by letaengbutt on April 2nd, 2012

For this month’s review, MoonSoshi9 and letaengbutt will be taking a look at the “Girls’ Generation First Japan Tour” blu-ray edition. This blu-ray version of the tour was released together with a DVD version, and you can still purchase them here. Girls’ Generation First Japan Tour Blu-ray [Limited Edition]   Excluding their individual performances, the girls performed […]

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Girls’ Generation to Release Japanese Photobook and Concert Blu-ray/DVD
Posted by SeraphKY on November 15th, 2011

It was announced on November 11th that Girls’ Generation would be releasing their first official Japanese photobook titled “Holiday”. Also included in the announcement was a small preview about the photobook, “As their treasured ‘Holiday’ arrives, it is packed with the member’s wide smiles. From party fashion to casual style, it is distinctly different from […]

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