On December 9th and 10th, Girls’ Generation took their “Second Asia Tour” to Singapore and performed in front of sold-out crowds both nights at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Both days were filled with events, including the handing-out fan packages, the girls’ press conference before the second concert, and the concerts themselves.

Of course, any Girls’ Generation concert has to start with fans lining up for good spots in the mosh pits near the stage, close enough to wave, cheer, and even evoke reactions from the girls themselves. Though some fans arrived to the stadium as early as the night before, they were only able to officially start standing in line at 9:00 AM the day of the concert. As gates started opening one and a half hours before the start of the concert, fans streamed in holding banners and signs supporting the girls and wearing and holding pink items, adding an electric atmosphere to a “pink ocean” even before the girls took the stage.

The stage had three huge LED screens, allowing spectators to see close-ups of the girls performing. Before the concert, a tent was in the middle of the stage, covering the polygon on which the girls would rise into the arena. Laser beams, trapezes, and elevated platforms were also present, demonstrating the fact that the Girls’ Generation concert was the most expensive K-pop concert to be held in Singapore. SONEs from all over the world also came to Singapore from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand among others, for the sole purpose of watching the girls perform and giving them love and support. These SONEs even hugged each other due to the sheer joy and excitement of getting to see the girls on stage.


As the lights dimmed on the stadium, the pink from thousands of light sticks illuminated the place with a magical glow while fans erupted in anticipation for the girls’ appearance. After a dramatic opening sequence on the big screens, the massive silver structure at center stage began to rise and come apart, revealing the nine angels in perfect formation for their opening number – “Sowoneul Malhaebwa”. The screaming and the fanchants became exceptionally loud, with everyone seemingly chanting in one voice, something that lasted through the entire concert. Likewise, during “The Boys” performance, despite SONEs already going hoarse due to the loud fanchants since the beginning of the concert, the fanchant for “G. G.” was exceptionally loud. The unified voice shouting “G. G.” even echoed throughout the whole stadium, giving off an awesome feeling and shocking Jessica in the process.


During a talk segment midway through the concert, eight of the girls introduced themselves in English. However, Seohyun did something a little different, as she decided to introduce herself in Chinese. During her part, Sunny showed off her well-known killer aegyo, causing the whole stadium to cheer. Tiffany asked the audience after the introductions on the second night, “Who was here yesterday? Hands up!” Taeyeon and Sooyoung, showing off their “adorkableness”, answered with her hands held up, “Me! Me! Me!”

Each girl also had a solo performance as usual. Hyoyeon started off the solo performances dancing to “Please Don’t Stop the Music”. It was a power-packed performance, and Hyoyeon has once again showed the audience why she is known to fans as the “Dancing Queen” of Girls’ Generation.


During Taeyeon’s solo, “Devil’s Cry”, the bass from the sound system was powerful. Taeyeon’s vocal prowess was clearly projected through the sound system. The performance gave goosebumps, as the strong feeling of the lyrics were enhanced with Taeyeon’s great voice.


Jessica played piano and sang “Almost” in her solo performance. The whole stadium was in utter silence when Jessica was performing, listening to Jessica’s voice. Of course, Jessica did not fail to impress her fans with her powerful voice, which she delivered in this particular song.

In Sunny’s solo performance of “Three”, she wore different sets of clothing for both nights of the concert, but the outfit for the second night was sexier than the first. Nonetheless, the performance was outstanding as the choreography was mostly done by Sunny herself. It flowed very well and showed Sunny’s sexy side.

Taeyeon and Tiffany’s duet of “Lady Marmalade” was powerful as well. With Tiffany wearing a pink dress which contrasted with Taeyeon’s blue tube top, both showed off their vocal prowess and hot, sexy, yet cute images of themselves on stage.

In Yuri’s solo performance of “If”, Yuri donned with dark green clothes like that of a soldier, which fit her concept and choreography, especially the part when she saluted. Yuri’s power-packed performance of smooth dance moves once again proved why she is one of the main dancers in Girls’ Generation.


With Seohyun’s performance of “Stuff Like That There”, she tap-danced her way into the hearts of fans as she has once again showed that her talent is not just limited to singing.After Seohyun’s tap-dancing came Yoona’s solo performance of “4 Minutes”, which was sexy and hot. She was brought up on stage via an elevator, and the performance ended on a high note with part of her costume being torn off by a backup dancer on stage.

In Sooyoung’s performance of “Sway”, she swooned the fans with her amazing ballroom dancing. Although Sooyoung had only a few days to perfect her choreography, the short time frame did not stop her from delivering an impressive performance.


Overall, the girls performed a staggering set list of 33 songs. It was apparent that the entire concert was split into three distinct categories, in addition to the solo performances obviously showed off the distinct personalities of the girls. The opening stages of the concert saw the girls adopt an image not seen in a while – their more innocent side. Songs such as “Sowoneul Malhaebwa”, “Snowy Wish”, “Kissing You”, and “Oh!” were performed before the show transitioned into their second set in what proved to be a shift in image from innocent to sexy. The girls’ second set featured favorites such as “Bad Girl”, “Run Devil Run”, “The Boys”, and “Hoot”. Finally, the girls delved into their last part by getting in touch with their softer side and singing rich ballads such as “Danny Boy”, “My Child”, and “Complete”.


After “Complete” on the second night, fans held up signs provided by Soshified saying, “소녀시대 makes our lives complete”. The girls were overcome with emotion after seeing the fans’ efforts, with Taeyeon and Jessica even shedding tears. Near the end of the concert, Tiffany asked everyone to hold up their signs again, showing how much the event had made an impression on the girls. Right before the last song was performed, there was another talk segment. While Tiffany was speaking, all of the girls shoved their microphones towards Tiffany, and Taeyeon was seen kneeling down with her microphone in a pose that seemed like she was proposing to Tiffany. This really showed off the girls’ dorky sides and sent the whole stadium into fit of laughter and joy. Sooyoung and Tiffany also said to the audience, “We love you more than chili crab!” sending the whole stadium into laughter again and showing off their quirky humour and their affinity with Singaporean fans. Finally, they performed their last song, “Fantastic”. Tiffany said that it was for their fantastic fans. When the whole concert ended, some of the audience sang “Happy Birthday” to Yuri, who just had her birthday earlier in the week, and of course Yuri thanked the fans.


It was all over before anybody knew it. The girls said their goodbyes and the fans were all devastated. Everyone was amazed and felt that it was too surreal that the whole concert happened within a span of three hours. It was over before anybody knew it. The girls made a tremendous impact on thousands of SONEs first-hand, and had a way to make everybody lose themselves in a way no other musicians out there can. The fanservice, pairing moments, awesome performances, solo performances, and everything else made everybody want the girls to come back soon for another concert, as this turned out to be something they will never forget.



Written by: LetsGo@soshified, SethRyan@soshified
Edited by: residentbenchwarmer@soshified
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