Musical actor Go Youngbin complimented Girls’ Generation’s Jessica, who performed in the 2009 musical “Legally Blonde” alongside him.

In an interview with TV Report held at Daehangno, Go Youngbin recalled, “(Jessica) really did her best, and cried a lot too.”

Go Youngbin continued on by saying, “After finishing her schedules, she came running to Daehangno asking, ‘Oppa, where are the unnies? I miss them.'” He also revealed, “She was crying because it was very strenuous. I remember comforting her a lot.”

He also went on to praise Jessica’s work ethic and performance. “Jessica really did her best to fill in all the performance dates. She did not miss any performance with her busy schedule and always came out once or twice a week to perform. She tried her best, and she did a good job as well.”

[Non-Jessica parts omitted]

Jessica also confessed on MBC TV’s “Radio Star” that “Legally Blonde” was very strenuous on her because of her busy schedule.

Source: TV Report
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