On November 15th, the general service channel JTBC revealed that the show “Girls’ Generation” will be in production at the open broadcasting organization briefing that was held at the Korean Daily building. This will be the first talk show based around the Girls’ Generation members. In Japan, the TV show “SMAP×SMAP”, which features the popular group SMAP, has been gaining much popularity over in the aforementioned country.

(TL note: “Girls’ Generation” is a temporary working title until the name of the show is decided.)

“Girls’ Generation” will have all 9 members as the hosts and it will be directed by KBS PD Yoon Hyun Jun who also directed “Win Win”.

“Girls’ Generation” will air every Sunday, and will run for seventy minutes from 7:30 pm to 9:10pm (this run time is not inclusive of commercial time). The channel and broadcast date have not been decided on. ‘Girls’ Generation’ will be airing at the same time as KBS weekend dramas, as well as MBC and SBS news.

Source: Starin.edaily
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