Girls’ Generation’s Yoona guest starred on an episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart”, where she talked about a startling moment during a performance in Japan.

During this broadcast Yoona confessed, “Through 2PM’s shirt ripping performance, the nickname ‘Jjit-Taecyeon’ was created and garnered attention. Similar to that, I also became ‘Jjit-Yoona’.” The way Yoona gained the nickname “Jjit-Yoona” was due to something that happened while Girls’ Generation was promoting in Japan.

Yoona stated, “While I was putting on a dance performance at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, my clothes ripped in an embarrassing place, and left me extremely flustered.”

How Yoona handled that embarrassing situation in front of all the Japanese fans will be revealed through today’s episode of “Strong Heart”.

TL note: “Jjit-Yoona” is translated as “ripped-Yoona” because of a wardrobe malfunction.

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