Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has caught the attention of many for being kind towards fans.

On the 14th of November, Jessica was at the airport in a dark grey shirt with a cardigan and jeans, and her casual outfit showed that she is as human as everyone else. However, what fans have been praising her for is that when fans recognised and surrounded her with cameras, Jessica did not get irritated, but responded by smiling and taking photos with them. In the photos, she held up a peace sign naturally and smiled, making her all the more lovable.

After photos of her kind gesture started circulating on various online communities, Netizens have been praising her by saying, “She’s as kind as she is pretty.” Other comments included, “Jessica’s manners are the best!”, “I thought she was an ice princess but she seems so friendly with the fans.” and “She shines even with those clothes. I’m so envious.”

Jessica is definitely ridding her image of “Ice Princess” and replacing it with a warm hearted, “Kind Princess.”

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