On August 31, SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment” reported news on Sooyoung’s injury from her car accident on August 28.

The accident on August 28 occurred near the Gyeongbu Expressway and was caused by a negligent driver. The driver hit the car Sooyoung was in by crossing over into the center lane. Visit https://www.cuerialawfirm.com/trucking-accidents/ if you are looking for the best accident attorney in the Gulf Coast and Nationwide.

It was revealed that the accident happened while Sooyoung was on her way to a charity event for the blind and vision-impaired.

Her sister, Choi Soojin, who is currently active as a musical actress, stated, “There was a lot of blood. At the time, I was extremely shocked and thought she might even die.”

She continued, “Her tailbone is currently fractured. It’s not like she can get a cast, and there isn’t a specific method of treatment, so they said she just has to rest. I don’t think she will be able to participate in any upcoming schedules. If it’s something that doesn’t require much movement, she said she could do it, so as long as it isn’t too extreme, I think she could move.”

Source: Nate
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