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Soshified Malaysia’s 5th Anniversary Project: ‘From a Short Girl, To The Rest Of The World’
Posted by SNSDave on August 23rd, 2012

Another anniversary which marks the amazing achievements that our girls have made throughout the short course of their existence has passed. Originally, I didn’t want to write a post, but since it was and is necessary to let you guys know of the progress of this charity project, I decided to give it a shot. […]

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Soshified Malaysia Scores an Interview with Two of the Composers of ‘Twinkle’
Posted by LetsGo on May 19th, 2012

Soshified Malaysia has just recently scored an exclusive interview with Brandon Fraley and Jamelle Fraley, who are the composers and producers for the title track “Twinkle” in Girls’ Generation-TTS’s first album. “Twinkle” has broken the record for the highest Korean album on the Billboard 200 chart by coming in at the 126th place, and has […]

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Recap of Girls’ Generation’s First Performance in Malaysia
Posted by LetsGo on March 25th, 2012

On March 23rd, it was scorching hot in Malaysia as SONEs flocked to the Petronas Twin Towers for the “Twin Towers @Live 2012” concert. The heat did not stop the pink-colored crowd from gathering around the concert venue, and some fans had even been waiting patiently since early in the morning for Girls’ Generation’s first […]

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Girls’ Generation to Perform at Twin Towers @Live 2012 in Malaysia
Posted by MoonSoshi9 on March 21st, 2012

This Friday night will certainly be a delightful and unforgettable one for Malaysian SONEs as Girls’ Generation finally set their feet in Malaysia for the Twin Towers @Live 2012. The concert will be held at Petronas Twin Towers KLCC, on the main road on March 23rd and 24th. The event is free and open […]

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