On October 30th, MBC aired the final episode of “Springtime of My Life”. Before the show, Sooyoung had previously shared a number of photos on her Instagram account. It was also revealed that Sooyoung sang an OST, “Wind Flower“, for the drama. Check out cuts from the final episode of “Springtime of My Life” below, uploaded by MBC drama’s YouTube channel. The full episodes of “Springtime of My Life” are available to download and watch in Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

Following the episode, Sooyoung posted two more photos on Instagram. She included a heartfelt handwritten letter and thanked the drama staff and fellow cast members for all of their support.

Everyone who gave “My Spring Day” love, thank you so much^^ I reposted it because the letters weren’t really legible..ㅎㅎ Thanks to you all, the past two months were particularly the warmest months in my life^^ #MySpringDay #LeeBomi #KangDongha #BomDong #ILoveYouSheep

Letter ㅡ Hello. This is “My Spring Day”‘s Lee Bomi, Choi Sooyoung. After seeing the last episode, it seems that I really need to let it go now. I tried to gather myself.. but now that the time has come, I’m really sad and regrettable. Bomi, who would have prepared for a difficult time of separation like an adult, keeps haunting me. Our drama’s set atmosphere. And the director’s fine directing made it feel like the drama was created and completed by hand through strenuous efforts. Being able to take part in such a great work with the best actor, Kam Woosung sunbae (senior).. was a very happy spring day for me. I’ve taken the lasting impressions with him, and am keeping them in my heart.. and I’ve promised to hold onto it. And if you, the viewers, ever recall “My Spring Day” during this season every year, I think Bomi and Dongha-sshi in the drama will be very happy. All the staff members who lived spring days from the hot summer until winter, thank you so much for your hard work. Director Lee Jaedong, writer Park Jisook, thank you for making a work that I will never forget. Lastly, to the viewers, sincerely, thank you. Always be happy. -Choi Sooyoung

Lastly, with the two people who cared for and loved Bomi the most on the last day of shooting. Thanks to you, every day I laughed..learned..and was happy

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