Sooyoung has released a new OST, “Wind Flower” for her current drama, “Springtime of My Life”. The song is available for purchase from Korean music portals, including MelOn, Bugs! (one-minute preview), and Naver Music.

“Springtime of My Life” is nearing its conclusion, and the final episode of the drama will air tonight at 10 PM. Sooyoung has posted several photos (spoiler alert!) on her Instagram to commemorate the end of the show, including pictures of visits from the other members of Girls’ Generation. Check out Sooyoung’s photos with the other members of Girls’ Generation below. Seohyun previously visited Sooyoung, bringing snacks and beverages.

!!!Spoiler Alert!!!

!!!Spoiler Alert!!!

!!!Spoiler Alert!!!

Goddesses got together at our set. They each bowed to the director and actors, asking them to take good care of their Sooyoung.. My reassuring sisters.. thank you so so much ㅠㅡㅠ I love you ! #myspringday #goddesses #donghasshismilingbroadly #girlsgeneration #iloveyoufriends

“Nuisance guests” who are prettier than the bride came on the wedding date. Yuri-jjing and Hyoyeon-jjing came with lots of canned coffee and bread^^ and visited the set. My friends’ warm hearts melted the cold set. I love you, YulHyo #girlsgeneration #myspringday

Dongha-sshi #kangdongha #kamwoosung #myloveyourlovekangdongha #myspringday I hope lots of you watch the last episode ^^

Sources: MelOn, Bugs!, Naver Music, Sooyoung’s Instagram
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