Update on November 20th, 2013:

During yesterday’s donation ceremony, Seohyun and Dongguk University staff spoke about Seohyun’s decision to donate to the school.

Chancellor Kim Heeok said, “Seohyun, who is a very good role model in school, donated a large amount to her juniors.”

Seohyun explained, “I learned many things while studying at Dongguk. I wished to be of help to students who have a big dream, and yet don’t have a choice but to give up education because of family matters.”

In addition, when asked which class left the deepest impression on her, Seohyun answered, “The Japanese language course was the most fun class of all, and I learned a lot in the classic literature seminar lectures.”

Theater professor Shin Youngsub said, “Seohyun interacted with her friends on a regular basis. She showed her intent to donate since sophomore year, after seeing students with poor families. However, she followed advice suggesting that she donate in her senior year, and here she is today.”

Finally, the professor revealed that Seohyun had intended for her donation to be private and that she felt burdened that it was revealed to the media and public. However, he believed that the donation should be publicized so that Seohyun could encourage other graduates to lead their juniors to a better future.

Original article from November 19th, 2013:

On November 19th, Seohyun attended an annual donation ceremony at Dongguk University, her alma mater. Showing her gratitude to the university and infinite generosity, Seohyun donated 100 million won to the school.

Dongguk University holds fundraising events annually to raise money for scholarships, to invite outstanding professors to teach students, and to improve the school’s facilities and study environment.

Yoona and Seohyun are both students of Dongguk University. Yoona enrolled at Dongguk University in 2009, and Seohyun began attending the school in 2010. Both are currently majoring in theater.

Check out photos and a video of Seohyun at the donation ceremony below.

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