Sunny was recently featured in “NYLON” magazine for a Christmas photoshoot with casual street brand Feltics. In the photoshoot, Sunny can be seen wearing winter apparel from Feltics while making cute expressions for the camera.

Check out photos from Sunny’s feature in “NYLON” magazine below.

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“NYLON TV” also released a video of Sunny from the photoshoot. Sunny begins the clip by greeting viewers of “NYLON TV” and gave her thoughts on the photoshoot, saying, “It was fun. I think that’s most important, having fun doing the photoshoot, and I think you all will enjoy watching it.”

Sunny also recommended padding jumpers with comfortable, light bottoms as her winter styling tip, saying, “So that you’re warm, I want to recommend padding jumpers. Nowadays, padding jumpers are pretty, coming out in various colors.” Sunny then wished viewers a happy and enjoyable winter, concluding, “Thank you for watching Girls’ Generation’s Sunny’s photoshoot. I think Girls’ Generation and Sunny will be able to meet with you all soon with a better appearance. There are a lot of concerts prepared for Girls’ Generation as well, so please look forward to it, and look for us a lot. Have a happy and warm winter.”

Check out “NYLON TV”‘s video of Sunny’s photoshoot below.

Finally, Feltics has updated its website with a page listing the clothing items seen in Sunny’s photoshoot and links to purchase them.

Sources: “NYLON” Magazine, je-kwon, Segye, [email protected], Feltics
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