TV Daily: Are you having fun filming ‘Prime Minister and I’? It’s yet to be broadcast; did you have any good dreams?
Yoona: There aren’t many weeks left until the first broadcast and I’m looking forward to it and my heart is fluttering as it gets near the date. It is a bit burdensome as well, but the mood on set is enjoyable and fun. I wasn’t able to have a dream, but I want to have a ‘daebak’ dream (translator’s note: dream of success) a day or two before the broadcast. (laughs)

TV Daily: You took on the role of the reporter Nam Dajung, who is full of gaps and holes (translator’s note: someone who is a bit clumsy). What is a ‘transformation point’ that you think was important?
Yoona: Unlike roles I’ve played thus far, there are off-the-wall and bright sides to this one. There are a lot of similarities with me. So I tried my best to show my usual self naturally. Because I change from being a reporter into a Mrs., there is one transformation in the drama. In order to set that change, I tried to add emphasis on natural hairstyles and outfits with dark tones and activewear. I created the difference as a Mrs. with two pieces and coat-like outfits, with straight hair.

TV Daily: How did it feel getting the script for ‘Prime Minister and I’ for the first time in a while?
Yoona: I had a lot of fun reading it. (laughs) I always wanted to try the genre of a romantic comedy and the script had a mood that I had in mind, so I had fun reading it. The character of Nam Dajung is similar to one that I’ve been searching for. I’ve been looking for a character that is brighter, easy-going, and tomboyish, unlike what I’ve shown, so this hit the nail on the head.

TV Daily: What are the charms of Lee Bumsoo, who will be showing off a comical, unexpected romance?
Yoona: He seems serious, but he has a lot of humor within that. That’s really appealing. He starts conversations a lot, plays around a lot, and, even if he’s just saying one thing, I can tell that he’s caring for me and treats me comfortably. I’m grateful. Also while reading the script, I feel he suits the prime minister role. I felt like that when I first saw him at the script reading, but when he appeared as the prime minister at the set, I thought he looked ‘great’. He himself was really the straightforward Kwon Yul. I don’t know if it was because I saw him as Nam Dajung, but he appeared cool and I was able to act naturally. While acting, there hasn’t been a character that really came at me. I think of it as an honor being able to act with him.


TV Daily: You delivered lots of laughs with a comical photo of you holding onto his pants leg, as if you let yourself go. Are there frequent bursts of laughter on set? There were lots of photos of you talking with Lee Bumsoo on set.
Yoona: There was a scene where we had to laugh while filming, but it wasn’t really acting. I laughed for real, but I didn’t think anyone would catch it. (laughs) Also, I rehearse lines a lot with senior Lee Bumsoo on set, and he lets me know if there are parts that I overlook. After making an attempt, he teaches me tips to liven up my acting by saying things like, “Don’t you think this could be a bit better than this?” I’m really thankful for him telling me about parts that I never thought about. More than anything, I’m thankful that he shows ‘great acting’ that helps me shine by acting with him.

TV Daily: In the teaser, you and Lee Bumsoo looked better together than expected and are being called the ‘expected chemistry’ couple. Do you like that?
Yoona: I hope we really hear a lot of that. (laughs) I think the same thing, so I thought a lot of people would feel the same way. Senior Lee Bumsoo is different from other actors. Since there is a bit of an age difference, there were people who wondered if we would suit each other, but I think people will understand these things watching the drama.

TV Daily: What kind of appearance are you planning on showing in ‘Prime Minister and I’? What kind of nickname are you expecting?
Yoona: If I acted out characters that are firmly nice and innocent even in difficult situations like ‘Candy’ (translator’s note: from the manga ‘Candy Candy’) thus far, Nam Dajung is similar, but she has an easy-going and tomboyish personality and doesn’t have common sense. If I have acted quiet and cute, I will have to give a noisy and obstinate feel. I have been acting without thoughts of wanting to ‘look pretty’. I felt it would be a change in acting so I thought of it as a new attempt, but I think I will feel a lot of things after acting as this character. I trust viewers will decide when that boundary is broken. Also, a lot of nicknames emerge when I appear in a drama. I’m looking forward to those nicknames. (laughs) I’ve matured a lot when it comes to acting, so I want to hear a lot of comments of it being fun.

TV Daily: Is there something you worked on just for ‘Prime Minister and I’?
Yoona: I read the script a lot. I read the script for this drama the most compared to others. I’m working the hardest and it’s a drama that’s a burden on me. I pray every day before filming; I’ve never prayed so hard before. I hope this drama receives lots of love and becomes a memorable one.

TV Daily: Say a few words to viewers who are supporting ‘Prime Minister and I’.
Yoona: Please look forward to ‘Prime Minister and I’, and spread a lot of word about it when it airs. It will be a warm and pleasant drama for the winter. I hope people will laugh and warm their hearts. Please give it lots of love. (laughs)


Sources: TV Daily, KBS
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: kt9823@soshified

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