Update on November 5th, 2013:

After winning “Video of the Year” yesterday with “I Got A Boy” at the YouTube Music Awards, the members of Girls’ Generation continued their celebration today with posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Girls’ Generation’s official website.

Yuri posted a photo on her Instagram and a message written in English, which read, “today is a celebration for all our 소원s around the world! it feels like a dream come true..this will forever be a UNFORGETTABLE DAY!! thanku♥”.

Seohyun gave her thanks through Girls’ Generation’s official website and later repeated her message through her Twitter account. A translation of this message can be found here. Seohyun also left another tweet later written in English, saying, “Thank you again to our amazing fans all over the world who voted for GG to win a YTMA for “I Got a Boy”! love u guys❤”.

Later, Sooyoung posted two photos and showed her gratitude on Girls’ Generation’s official website, writing in Korean, Japanese, and English. The translated version of her message may be found here.

Finally, Yoona posted her own message on Girls’ Generation’s official website, thanking SONEs all over the world and updating fans on her drama filming. A translation of her message is available here.

Girls’ Generation’s win at the YouTube Music Awards is being covered by multiple news sources throughout the world, including Time, CNN, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal. News agencies in Korea, including SBS, KBS, and JTBC also featured Girls’ Generation and interviews with Tiffany at the event.

Original article from November 4th, 2013:

On November 3rd EST, Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” music video received the “Video of the Year” award at the YouTube Music Awards. Tiffany was present at the event to receive the award for “Video of the Year” and thanked SM Entertainment, her fellow members, and fans of Girls’ Generation. Tiffany ended her acceptance speech by saying, “SONEs, I love you. Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation.”

From the other side of the planet, the other members of Girls’ Generation also celebrated their win. Yuri updated her Instagram with comments of “Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and “kkya dae bak sa geon”, and Sunny posted a photo from YouTube’s Twitter account showing Girls’ Generation as one of the six winners. Sunny referred to SONEs as the tenth member of Girls’ Generation with a caption on the photo that read: “Thank you, our SONE!!! For making ‘I Got A Boy’ the video of the year.. We’ll do better!! We’ll repay you with better music, music videos, and stages/performances!! 10th members!!! Thank you so much and I love you~^^♥ Thanks for everything my lovers!!! Party tonight! Rock!!!! Kkkk #ymta #sone”. Sunny also gave her thanks through Twitter, saying, “Thank you!!!! SONE jjang♥ (translator’s note: the best)“.

Taeyeon later updated her Instagram as well, posting a photo with a caption that read, “Girls’ Generation was able to receive the YouTube Music Awards ‘Video of the Year’ award!! Kkya! Thank you so much to the many people who shared the video for days, and, as expected, SONEs are worldwide. SONEs who always make us move! And all the people who worked hard for the music video, thank you very very much. #ytma #내가소녀시대다 (translator’s note: “I am Girls’ Generation”)“.

Coverage of the YouTube Music Awards can be found on The Wall Street Journal’s blog website, Music Times, and USA Today.

Congratulations to Girls’ Generation and their fans!


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