On November 5th, Yoona posted a photo and message on Girls’ Generation’s official website thanking fans for their support of Girls’ Generation in the YouTube Music Awards and also speaking of her current activities.

[From. YOONA]: It’s Been a While Since I’ve Greeted You~^^

Everyone’s doing well, right?
Thanks to people, not just in Korea, who love Girls’ Generation
We were able to receive such a great award, so I’m really really happy and excited^^
It’s still amazing to the point where I can’t believe it. Thank you so much♡

I’ve been spending my time lately filming my drama~
Be well until I greet you again later on♡
I love you!! Bye bye^^

Source: Girls’ Generation’s Official Website
Translated by: SunnyStawr@soshified, ch0sshi@soshified

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