After receiving the “Video of the Year” award on behalf of Girls’ Generation at yesterday’s YouTube Music Awards, writers for the Billboard magazine website conducted an interview with Tiffany in which she discussed winning the “Video of the Year” award, Girls’ Generation’s upcoming third Japanese album, and a Korean comeback in the works for Girls’ Generation.

Humble as always, Tiffany expressed her surprise at winning the award, saying, “This was totally unexpected and exciting” and “I’m just so thankful for it.” Tiffany also discussed what she believed was the appeal behind “I Got A Boy”, describing the video as “something new, something raw, more different, more urban” that “attracted both new and old audiences”.

The interview later touched on Girls’ Generation’s third Japanese album and the possibility of a Korean comeback. Tiffany revealed, “This album has some amazing songs. I can’t wait for everybody to hear it. I’m singing it all day.” However, Tiffany then explained that fans will have to wait a little longer for the next Korean comeback, saying, “We were due this year, but unfortunately due to delay…” and, “We’ll be out pretty soon, I hope.”

Finally, Tiffany once again gave her thanks to Girls’ Generation’s fans for their efforts in bringing Girls’ Generation the “Video of the Year” award, saying, “None of Girls’ Generation would be possible without the fans. We’ve grown into a family.”

Check out the full interview with Tiffany on Billboard.

Billboard joins the list of numerous news portals around the world featuring Girls’ Generation after the YouTube Music Awards. Other websites include Time, The Guardian, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and inTouch.

Sources: Billboard, Time, The Guardian, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, inTouch
Written by: bhost909@soshified

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