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“No Breathing” Reveals Video Featuring Yuri

“No Breathing” recently revealed yet another video following the previous photoshoot’s behind-the-scenes. The video, entitled, “Charm of ‘No Breathing’ Characters”, introduces the characters in the movie to the audience. The clip features Yuri and her costars Lee Jongsuk and Seo Inguk.

SMTOWN Releases Highlight Video of World Tour

On October 23rd, SMTOWN released a highlight video of its “SMTOWN Live World Tour III” in Beijing on YouTube. The video shows various artists on stage, including Girls’ Generation, Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Zhang Liyin, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and TASTY. Check out the photos in Soshified’s Photos Section taken on October 19th.

“Cosmopolitan” Reveals Video of Yuri

Yuri, who is starring in the movie “No Breathing”, made her appearance in “Cosmopolitan” with a cool and sexy charisma. The video shows footage of Yuri posing for the camera and giving a short message asking fans to support her movie.


CASIO Releases Behind-the-Scenes Videos


The behind-the-scenes video from the girls’ CASIO photoshoot was recently released. The first clip shows all of the members preparing and posing for the camera for the “Real Baby-G” series in a cool style. The second clip shows Jessica, Tiffany, and Yoona in various poses for SHEEN.

B-ing Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video Featuring Taeyeon

B-ing released yet another video of Taeyeon’s endorsement of its collagen drink. The behind-the-scenes video shows footage of Taeyeon filming the CF in the hot weather and also includes an interview with her inside a filming studio.

Seohyun Leaves Message for “2013 UN World Peace Festival”

Seohyun recently filmed a short message in promotion for the “2013 UN World Peace Festival”. Download the clip from Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.


Sunny Posts New Photo and Message on SONE PLUS+

131025 sunny sone plus

On October 25th, Sunny uploaded a new photo and message on SONE PLUS+. Her translated message reads, “Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+! It’s Sunny! It’s been getting colder bit by bit, so please take care not to catch a cold. The other day, during a photoshoot, I received a cute bouquet of flowers~<3 I’ll be able to see everyone tomorrow at SMTOWN ^^♪ I’m really happy when I think about having fun together on such a big stage~ Everyone please wait just a little bit longer!”

Seohyun Attends a Charity Concert at The Raum Arts Center


Seohyun recently attended a charity concert at The Raum Arts Center under the slogans of “charity” and “sharing”. This concert will be held regularly each quarter of the year, starting this year.


Ji Ilgeun Tweets Photos of Himself with Tiffany 

tiff selca 1

tiff selca 2


Ji Ilgeun, Tiffany’s partner on SBS’s “Fashion King Korea”, recently tweeted three photos of himself with the young and beautiful Tiffany. In the first photo, Tiffany, who is holding the camera, puffs up her lips while Ji Ilgeun looks at the camera. In the second photo, both Tiffany and Ji Ilgeun strike a simple smile, and in the last photo, both are posing with their drinks.

Photo of Hyoyeon at Jay Park’s AOMG Party Revealed


Hyoyeon was recently featured in a photo taken at Jay Park’s AOMG Party. In the picture, Hyoyeon and her friends are striking a variety of hand signs as well as amusing facial expressions.

Tiffany Poses with SHINee’s Key and Minho 

Tiffany and Key
Tiffany and Minho

On October 22nd, SMTOWN posted two photos on its Twitter account. The first photo shows Tiffany posing with SHINee’s Key and the group’s mini album. The second photo shows Tiffany with Minho as they pose cutely for the camera.

Tiffany Uploads New UFOtown Profile Picture

tiff ufo
Tiffany has yet to cease updating her UFOtown profile pictures. In the new picture shown above, Tiffany strikes adorable facial expressions while showing off her new beautiful dyed hair.

SMTOWN Reveals Photo of Yuri From “Mamonde” Commercial Shooting

Yuri (Mamonde)

In addition to the Mamonde’s promotions by Yuri, SMTOWN also tweeted a photo of her from the commercial shooting. Yuri is seen displaying a pure and clean look for Mamonde.

Photo of Seohyun at GiRL de Provence “Thank You Party” Released Online


On October 22nd, Girls’ Generation’s official Twitter account tweeted a photo of Seohyun from when Jessica, Yoona, and Seohyun attended the GiRL de Provence “Thank You Party” held in Bangkok, Thailand. For more photos from the event, check out the fantaken pictures by visiting Soshified’s Photos Section.

VJ Jmix Takes a Photo with Jessica, Yoona, and Seohyun


Thai artist VJ Jmix recently took a photo with Jessica, Yoona, and Seohyun and uploaded it onto his personal Instagram. He was also the host of the GiRL de Provence “Thank You Party”. His caption reads, “My Memory With… ‘Girls’ Gen'”.

SMTOWN Posts Photos of Yuri Attending “No Breathing” Press Conference


Girls’ Generation’s official Facebook account posted a photo album after the press conference of “No Breathing”. The album includes six photos, most of which feature Yuri. Check Soshified’s Photos Section for more pictures.

Yuri Takes a Selca with Lee Jongsuk and Seo Inguk

Yuri 2

Yuri 1

Yuri recently took a selca with her fellow “No Breathing” cast members Lee Jongsuk and Seo Inguk while filming for “Naver Line Star Chat”. In the first photo, together with Lee Jongsuk, Yuri adorably makes a V-sign in front of the camera. In the second photo, Yuri points to Seo Inguk, who makes a cute face expression.

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 10/21: Jessica, Yoona, and Seohyun Left Suvarnabhumi Airport for Incheon International Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 10/22: Jessica, Yoona, and Seohyun Arrived at Incheon International Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 10/26: Left Gimpo Airport for Japan – Fantaken and News Photos

• 10/26: Arrived at Haneda Airport, Japan – Fantaken Photos


• 10/21: “Black Gospel” Seoul Party – Fantaken and News Photos

• 10/21: “GiRL de Provence” Thank you Party – Fantaken Photos

• 10/22: Yuri at “No Breathing” Press Conference – Fantaken and News Photos

• 10/24: Style Icon Awards 2013 Red Carpet – Fantaken and News Photos

• 10/24: Style Icon Awards 2013 – Fantaken and News Photos

• 10/25: “No Breathing” VIP Movie Premiere – Fantaken and News Photos

• 10/26: “SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Tokyo Special Edition” – Fantaken Photos

• 10/27: “SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Tokyo Special Edition” – Fantaken Photos

New Sets of Pictures

Alcon – Yoona (1)

“billboard Korea K-POP” Magazine – Yuri, Seohyun (1)

“Cosmopolitan” Magazine  – Tiffany, Yuri (1)

Magazine “M” – Yuri (1)

“No Breathing” – Yuri (1)

QUA 2013 Winter Collection – Tiffany (1)

“SMTOWN Live World Tour III” in Beijing Backstage – Group (1) (2)

Girls’ Generation on Social Media

SunnyInstagram and Twitter

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

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