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The photography studio suddenly buzzed. The hearts of passersby gathered in the street, and of course, those of the onsite staff’s were filled with excitement. When the leaves on the trees were dyed brown, we met with Girls’ Generation members Yuri and Seohyun.

Girls’ Generation returned wearing skinny jeans. With the announced Japanese original single, “GALAXY SUPERNOVA”, in September, the ladies displayed beautiful legs wearing colorful skinny jeans. You can follow bridge for all the latest updates in fashion world.

Among the nine, Yuri and Seohyun are the members who have recently become the most pretty. When you fall in love, you become pretty? Taking off the jeans, the fashionable duo in miniskirts and hot pants with Burberry coats are madly in love. Of course, we’re not talking about their real stories. Through a movie or drama respectively where they fall in love, we leaned our ears for Yuri and Seohyun’s talk.

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billboard KOREA: How have you recently been spending your time?
Yuri: On the topic of the movie, ‘No Breathing’, I am very happy. I spent my time reading the script, filming, and learning about other necessary aspects for the movie.
Seohyun: I am also doing various activities, starting with Girls’ Generation’s arena tour and the world tour; I think I have spent a fulfilling time. Of course, I am also trying hard for the drama, ‘Passionate Love’.

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billboard KOREA: What are the details for the movie and drama?
Yuri: ‘No Breathing’ is a swimming term for a special swimming style where you divide the flow of water without breathing. Moreover, in order to take great strides in life, young people with a burning passion should stop and take a breath to prepare for the future, which is reflected in the title. In this movie, I play the openhearted Jungeun, who dreams of being a musician. She is an important character who juggles a sweet romance with two childhood friends, [played by] Lee Jongsuk and Seo Inguk. I’m very pleased with the role.
Seohyun: ‘Passionate Love’ is a work which depicts the love between two ill-fated lovers tied to the conflict of their parents’ generation, as well as the successes and falls of many people. In the drama, I play Han Yurim, who is like a spring flower: a perfect college student with neat looks and a warm heart, and who possesses a clear mind.

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billboard KOREA: How was filming your first movie or drama?
Yuri: I haven’t been a part of many works yet, so speaking of the differences is difficult. However, there is one common point that I felt. I learned that the interactions with the people I met on set were important, and from those interactions, the emotions produced are reflected as they are while acting. Also, I felt happy that the time spent on set was fun.
Seohyun: Since this is my first time trying out acting, I feel like it’s just not enough. With my heart beating so much, I can only film with my best effort. I have learned a lot from my really wonderful director, staff, and sunbae.

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billboard KOREA: On a show survey, Yuri was chosen to win the ‘Corporation Interviewer’s Choice for Best Impression Award’.
Yuri: I wonder if it’s thanks to my neat hair and makeup? I like the style that is completely classic, so I’ve done that regularly. However, I wonder if it’s conveyed naturally. It’s embarrassing, but I’m happy to be first.
Seohyun: Why isn’t my name there? I think I’m surely second or third (laughs). If there was a ‘National First Love Award’, wouldn’t it be me?

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billboard KOREA: What were the plans set at the beginning of this year?
Yuri: I guess to have a variety of experiences. Not just Girls’ Generation activities, but I was able to experience many other things and directly feel diverse emotions. When I have free time, I met many people around me and had fun times, and it was great to study with friends the same age while attending school (Chung-Ang University, School of Performance and Film).
Seohyun: It was to try three or more new challenges. I have already tried out two things, so I think I can reach the goal at this rate.

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billboard KOREA: What is on your ‘bucket list’?
Yuri: I want to freely travel around the world, give a song I made as a present, build a workroom at home where I can create music and draw pictures, and I also want to make space to play the guitar. Also a reading room. Besides that, I want to go to Australia and play with the animals while experiencing nature, and once I become an old lady, I want to drive in a red sports car.
Seohyun: That is a secret only for me.

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billboard KOREA: Who do you want to travel with?
Yuri: My family, of course.
Seohyun: My parents. My trainee days were long ever since I was a child, so time spent with my family was scarce. So if I had even just a little bit of time, I want to travel to various countries with my parents and create many good memories.

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billboard KOREA: How do you feel after marking the sixth anniversary since debuting in August?
Yuri: When we passed the fifth anniversary I also felt that it was very new. However, after another year passed, it feels curious to mark the sixth anniversary. From the moment we debuted as Girls’ Generation, I have come to feel that the time spent with the members is very important. I will take responsibility from now on and have to show an even better me.
Seohyun: When I think that it’s already the sixth anniversary, at the same time, I also think how only six years have passed. I might feel as if has been long time when it’s mentioned; however, during that time, the times spent together as nine members were precious moments that cannot be in the place of anything else. When I think about the future I will spend from now on with the members, my heart really flutters.

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