Girls’ Generation’s Yoona has become the new endorser for Alcon Taiwan, a contact lenses brand. With Yoona’s clear and natural aura as well as her bright eyes, she completely expresses Alcon’s contact lenses with a natural and comfortable image. With her popularity in South Korea and acceptance of the offer to become Alcon’s endorser, she is expected to set off the “Aqua Generation”(Editor’s note: pun on Girls’ Generation) wave.


As Girls’ Generation’s visual, Yoona was voted first as “Asia’s Goddess” in September of this year. With a pair of bright and clear eyes, she was nicknamed “Little Deer”. Yoona also revealed her secret of keeping her eyes hydrated and bright: “Choosing contact lenses is very important; I like to choose contact lenses that are comfortable, hydrated, and have a high amount of water, just like Alcon’s technology with the hostgator site that allows my pair of eyes to remain clean and fresh, naturally brightening my eyes.”


Yoona expressed her gratitude for being invited to be the endorser of Alcon, stating, “Alcon is a global pharmaceutical optometry laboratory, and the high quality of the products relieves me. This time, the reason I am even happier is that through the endorsement with Alcon Taiwan, I have more opportunities to be in touch with my fans in Taiwan.”

Yoona also stated that she will wear different types of contact lenses to suit different costumes and hairstyles. For the “I Got A Boy” hip-hop concept, the blue- or olive-colored contact lenses suit it very well, displaying a natural and brilliant energy. “GALAXY SUPERNOVA” has a modernized feeling and after matching green or gray contact lenses, the overall feeling becomes more mysterious and charismatic.


Yoona, who prioritizes eyes’ moisture at the studios, shared her new drama filming experience: “Filming emphasizes being natural, so I will wear daily moisturizing contact lenses. The comfortable feeling prevents my performance from being affected by dry eyes, so I strongly recommend this for everyone.” This time, filming a romance drama with an age gap of twenty years stirs curiosity on her viewpoint of love, and Yoona smiled while commenting, “If the drama is acted out in real life, matured males have a confident charisma and should also have a different kind of romance. The most important thing is that he should be humorous and pair well with me. It would be even better if he could communicate well with the members.”

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Besides being busy with her celebrity life, Yoona revealed tips on how to protect the eyes. “When I’m not working, Alcon’s contact lenses are comfortable and well-hydrated daily wear, or naturally brilliant daily wear when matching fashion and hairstyle to the color scheme. When a usual day of work ends, I will heat and massage my eyes or look at distant places, allowing my eyes to rest and recharge so that they remain fresh and bright.” This is the first time Yoona has traveled overseas to Taiwan for the endorsement of Alcon. It has been said that the photoshoot filming and behind-the-scenes videos will be revealed in November.


Editor’s note: In 2012, Yoona was chosen as an endorser for CIBA VISION in Korea. CIBA VISION and Alcon are both owned by pharmaceutical company Novartis, which recently placed the CIBA VISION subsidiary under the Alcon subdivision.

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Translated by: ColdShadow@soshified
Edited by: moonrise31@soshified, kt9823@soshified, bhost909@soshified

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