Seohyun recently recorded an audio message for a SBS Radio segment titled “A United World Through Love”. In her message, Seohyun gives advice to listeners regarding their health.

This is Seohyun, who is taking the first steps to becoming an actress.

Once, well-being was very popular,
so people ate food that was good for their bodies,
exercised, and…
lived in places that had fresh air!

However, we not only need our bodies for well-being, but also
our.. hearts and our minds!

Good food!
Just like eating good food, using good, healthy language also helps us to be healthy..
and.. thinking positively too!

All that would eventually help your health a lot.

From now on, don’t forget that you should care not only about your body’s well-being, but also your mind’s well-being!

Until now, it’s been actress Seohyun!

Translated by: garlical@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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