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Hi and welcome to the February edition of Back to Basics. I hope by now everyone is familiar with how this column works and how it brings you back to events, special moments, and those precious memories throughout Girls’ Generation’s history. This installment will take you through the years 2011 and 2012 for the month of February, while the years 2008 to 2010 can be found here.

Unless you’ve been out of touch with important dates (and by important, I mean dates you should know as a member and a fan), you’d know that February 1st marks Soshified’s fifth year anniversary. If not, then this is where I would insert a sad face. We love Girls’ Generation for their beauty and fun, quirky personalities, but we treasure them for their compassion, kindness, and warm hearts. Thank you, Girls’ Generation, for all the Soshified birthday wishes you have given us through the years. Thank you for loving and never forgetting your fans. Thank you for simply existing!

2011: I’m the happiest when standing on stage together with everyone. -Yuri


The official SM Entertainment USA Twitter account asked SONEs to tweet their wishes they would like from Girls’ Generation, and three wishes from fans would be chosen and granted. One of our very own staff members wished that Girls’ Generation would wish Soshified a happy birthday, and luckily, it was a winner.

2012: I’m happy and also a little burdened that Girls’ Generation’s music is spreading everywhere, but we will do our best to give you better music in the future. -Sooyoung

During Girls’ Generation’s first official U.S. fansign in New York City, the girls were kind enough to record an adorable message for Soshified’s fourth year anniversary.

Pieces and Fragments of February


• The official twitter account for “CeCi Korea” confirmed that Girls’ Generation would become the new models for Dior cosmetics. Taeyeon, Yoona, and Seohyun were not involved with the Dior contract at the time due to their existing contracts with A-Solution, Innisfree, and Clean & Clear, respectively.
• Arden Cho, a Korean American model and actress, wished Sooyoung a happy birthday through her Twitter account. After Soshified Twitter retweeted her message, Arden thanked Soshified and added, “I was telling Sooyoung to make a Twitter today! <3”.
• On February 8th, Gaon charts released a list of the bestselling albums in 2010. “Oh!”, “Hoot”, and the repackaged “Run Devil Run” album placed second, third, and fourth, respectively. Girls’ Generation was the only female artist to place in the top five.
• On February 8th, Girls’ Generation reached an agreement with Kwangdong Pharmacy to become endorsers for its Vita500 vitamin drinks.
• “New Beginning of Girls’ Generation” DVD was certified Gold on February 11th by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) by having over 100,000 copies sold.
• On a broadcast of OBS’s “Unique Celebrity News”, Comedian Park Sunggwang revealed that he is close to Sunny. He mentioned that she is the only idol that would pick up their phone when he contacts them.
• Girls’ Generation filmed a commercial for e-ma throat candies. It was the members’ first commercial shooting in Japan.
• Seohyun appeared in a CF for a skin care product brand, Clean & Clear, with f(x)’s Krystal.
• Girls’ Generation was chosen as an endorser for Woongjin Coway’s water filters on February 27th.
• Girls’ Generation placed first on Forbes Korea’s “Power Celebrity Top 40” list.


• Girls’ Generation appeared on the February 1st broadcast of “LIVE! with Kelly”, an American morning talk show, for a performance of “The Boys” in continuation of their brief promotion in the United States.
• On February 2nd, Girls’ Generation held their first official U.S. fansign in New York City inside a Best Buy store.
• Girls’ Generation was featured on an online blog for “Wall Street Journal”, one of the largest newspapers in the United States.
• Girls’ Generation attended and performed on KBS’s “Music Bank” in Paris on February 8th.
• Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo collaborated with Sunny for Miryo’s new song, “사랑해 사랑해” (“I Love You, I Love You”). The music video, which also featured Sunny, was released on February 10th.
• The girls continued their promotion of “The Boys” by appearing on popular French talk shows “Le Journal De 20H” for an interview and “Le Grand Journal” for a performance of “The Boys”. The shows aired on February 9th and 10th, respectively.
• Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon made a cameo appearance on “Salamander Guru and the Gang”, a sitcom aired through SBS, on February 10th.
• “Girls’ Generation – The 2nd Asia Tour” concluded on February 12th with a final concert in Bangkok, Thailand.
• “The Boys” album was released in France on February 13th under France’s largest music label company, Polydor.
• Seohyun collaborated with Brown Eyes’ Yoongun to release a duet entitled “Don’t Say No”. The song was released on February 13th.
• Shim Jaewon, a choreographer for SM Entertainment, uploaded a video of Girls’ Generation’s dance practice for “Chocolate Love” on February 14th.
• Sooyoung declined the main role in the TV Chosun drama, “Speed”.
• Taeyeon and Seohyun made their debut as MCs on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” on February 18th.
• Tiffany, Yoona, and Seohyun attended the “2012 F/W Burberry Prorsum Women’s Collection Fashion Show” held in London on February 20th. They were invited as representatives of Korea for the show.
• On February 22nd, Taeyeon emceed the “First Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards” alongside Joo Younghoon. Taeyeon injured her toenail during the show, but she continued her MC duties while fighting through the pain.
• Jessica’s first drama, “Wild Romance”, aired its final episode on February 23rd.
• Girls’ Generation placed first on Forbes Korea’s “Power Celebrity Top 40” list for the second year in a row.
• Sunny became a solo MC for SBS MTV’s “Music Island”. The first episode aired on February 29th in Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Philippines.

Shows of the Month:
[SoShi Subs] SBS Star King EP 201 – Tiffany Cut [02.05.11]
[SoShi Subs] MBC We Got Married S2 EP 70 – Seohyun & Yonghwa Cut [02.12.11]

Awards Achieved:
• “2nd Seoul Culture Arts Awards” – “Pop Singer Daesang Award” for “Oh!” album on February 28, 2011
• “First Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards” – “Album of the Year” for the fourth quarter of 2011 for “The Boys” and “Oricon Chart Special Award” for the first Japanese album, “Girls’ Generation”, on February 22, 2012

Member’s Birthday Month: Sooyoung


Thanks for reading! See you guys in March.

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