Update with English-subbed version of Yuri’s comeback video message:

Update with new teaser photos:

Girls’ Generation has just revealed eight new “I Got A Boy” teaser photos for the “I Got A Boy” concept. This follows yesterday’s release of both Seohyun’s teaser photos and the release of a single photo each for Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Yuri, Sooyoung, and Yoona. Hyoyeon’s image teasers were both revealed on December 21st.

All 20 teasers photos that have currently been released for the “I Got A Boy” concept can be seen below.

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Original article from 12/12/23:

Girls’ Generation has just released Yuri’s comeback video message, with a shortened version uploaded on Naver’s website and the full-length clip sent through the Naver LINE smartphone and desktop application. In her message, Yuri teaches viewers how to perform the cat dance seen in the “Dancing Queen” choreography, saying to make “a cat paw-like shape, and move like this like a cat trying to act cute.”

Yuri also said that after watching the video years after having recorded it, “memories from then are starting to come back to me. It felt new and it felt unusual.” Yuri ended her message thanking viewers and asking them to give “I Got A Boy” and Girls’ Generation’s upcoming fourth album lots of love.

Taeyeon’s comeback video message, released yesterday, can be found here. Sunny’s video message will be released tomorrow.

Sources: [email protected], Naver LINE, Naver tvcast, Girls’ Generation’s Official Website
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