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Many of the girls are proficient in at least one instrument. What are your thoughts on the girls (or some of them) playing their own instruments in music videos?
-Jamie 占美


I think it’ll be really cool if the girls get to play, say, the flute, guitar or the piano in any one of their music videos, or even their future singles. This way, not only can they show how they are talented in singing, acting and dancing, but they can also show off their music-making skills. Making music isn’t limited to being a composer. There are other ways the girls can showcase their musical talents apart from writing lyrics and composing songs. However, we do have to remember that they aren’t a band, so it’s really not likely that they’ll do that.


I would absolutely love this! I am a musician myself, and I know at least some of the girls are quite talented musicians. Tiffany with her flute, Seohyun on the piano, Sooyoung with her viola (OK maybe not so much this one); it would be great to see them put their skills to use in their music. I think the members’ musical talents are really underused. I mean how awesome is it when you get to see the rare times that they perform a song while they are playing an instrument? At the Gayo Daejun last year where Tiffany played her flute, or when Seohyun and Yuri played the piano together in their Christmas special, each time it feels more special than just singing. Now obviously this wouldn’t really work for their signature title songs, but how about a music video for one of the other songs on their album where we can see less of their dancing side and more of their musician side? I am all for this.

If you could choose any member, whose closet would you raid? Also, what is your least favorite era when it comes to the girls’ outfits?
-Sun Hee


I would definitely raid Tiffany’s closet. Apart from the fact that I could possibly find some dirty old secret (shhh!), I find her style very unique. I love the way she puts together different pieces to give different vibes, and whether it be feminine, boyish or chic, she always manages to pull it off…with a few exceptions, of course.

My least favourite era in terms of the girls’ outfits would be “Hoot”. Some of the outfits were downright burn-able, and I swear the stylists must have hit their heads really hard or something. Also, a few of the wigs would do better in a bonfire. A few select outfits were fine, but majority of them were tacky, and, for lack of a better word, ew.


Well…as a guy this is kind of difficult to answer. I was about to say Sooyoung because she is a real fashionista and I love her style, but then I wouldn’t really be able to wear her clothes at all…So, I would raid Sunny’s closet. She must have about 2,000 pairs of awesome sneakers. But I still couldn’t wear them because of the size…I think I am just out of luck no matter what I do here.

As for my least favorite outfits, I’m kind of torn. I sort of agree with my esteemed colleague about “Hoot”, and especially some of the hairstyles (poor, poor Hyoyeon), however I don’t think I can ever forget some of the really strange “Run Devil Run” outfits.

Who do you think has the best airport fashion? Pictures please!


I think they all have their own unique sense of airport fashion so I can’t say who the best is. However, I do like in particular the way Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and Sooyoung dress.

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If it’s the airport, it’s Jessica.

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