Jessica recently sat down for an interview with a reporter before the start of a “Legally Blonde” performance.

Before I met Girls’ Generation’s Jessica, I had a prejudice against her. It was because of the nickname “Ice Princess”. I thought she was a “cold, proud girl”, even more abrasive than a “cold city girl”. But after I met her, all my doubts and prejudices disappeared.

“How can they call someone arrogant and picky when she’s so sentimental…”

After talking to her, I was immediately able to get rid of the nickname “Ice Princess” from my mind.

“Legally Blonde” is a story about Elle Woods, who is accepted into Harvard Law School after getting dumped by her boyfriend, Warner, for not being smart. I met Jessica, who takes on the role of Elle Woods and who breaks the prejudice that blondes are not smart.

Even though she was slightly sick since she arrived after filming a music video for the upcoming Girls’ Generation comeback, she showed her tough side by saying, “I get energy whenever I go up on stage.”

▶ “Three years ago, I was a weak and young Elle Woods.”

It’s been a while since you were on the stage for a musical.

Jessica: “It’s fun because it’s been a while and because I’m working with new people… I am having a great time.”

Is there something different than last time?

Jessica: “I had my first musical three years ago. I saw some clips of myself from last time, and I was really young. I could see myself struggling to grasp the musical environment and the acting involved. Even my body was so small back then; I was a baby (laugh). Of course, back then, I was a fresh Elle Woods. Since it has been three years, I want to show a more mature Elle Woods.”

It’s about three hours from the start of the musical right now. Even though there’s plenty of time left, a lot of fans are waiting. I heard there’s even a travel package incorporating this musical.

Jessica: “Really? Wow (laugh), I couldn’t really promote in Korea this year. I think they are welcoming me even more because they couldn’t see me often. I am always thankful to the fans.”

– I’m sure other actors and actresses are intrigued by Girls’ Generation’s Jessica.

Jessica: “Last time, I had a lot of oppas and unnies to work with, but this time, more people are around my age. At first, they were intrigued, saying, ‘It’s Girls’ Generation’s Jessica.’ However, after talking with me a few times, they don’t see me as ‘Girls’ Generation’s Jessica’ anymore (laugh).”

▶ “Criticisms about looks? I get stress from it, but I try not to care.”

“Legally Blonde” is a story that breaks the traditional image of blondes. Did you ever think about “looks” or “appearance” while working on this musical?

Jessica: “Yes. I believe there’s always an opinion on ‘looks’. But I also believe that everything relating to looks depends on the person. If they think they’re pretty, then they are… And you can also look good because of the way you work hard. I think ‘looks’ are a perspective thing.”

Jessica, you should hear things about looks a lot because you are a part of a girl group.

Jessica: “I think people enjoy talking about others. They want to create an issue. But I don’t really care about those things. Of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t get stress from people evaluating my appearance. But it can’t be helped since I’m a celebrity. It’s not like they’ll stop if I tell them to.”

– You seem like you have an outgoing personality. Did anything change from living as Elle Woods?

Jessica: “A lot has changed. People call me ‘Ice Princess’ because I look cold at first glance, but I’m not. I may be shy, but I won’t be cold towards people I know. (laugh) I became more enthusiastic, bright, and energetic after becoming Elle Woods.”

▶ “I want to spend Christmas with friends.”

– Similar to Elle Woods, you are a fashionista.

Jessica: “I don’t really pick out clothes to wear. I try to wear whatever matches my body type the most. I don’t try to stand out at airports or in everyday life. Comfort is the best. The most important thing here is to point out feminine beauty. I try to wear clothes that emphasize this. So I wear outfits that show off the body line.

– What is Girls’ Generation doing lately?

Jessica: “We are preparing for the album that will come out next year, as well as preparing for the Japanese Arena Tour. It’s really busy. Even today, I came here after filming the music video.”

– People say that the schedule of idol groups is almost “cruel”. Isn’t it hard on you physically?

Jessica: “It is. Girls’ Generation only gets about one week of vacation each year. That’s when I go visit my parents in the United States and rest up. There are lots of times when it’s hard, but we keep going because there are people who support us and look for us. It’s impossible to have both.”

– You probably already have something scheduled for Christmas as well. However, what would you want to do if you got a break?

Jessica: “I want to meet with friends that I couldn’t meet for a while and just have a simple party. And talk about everything…”

– Lastly, do you have anything to say to the audience that is here to watch “Legally Blonde”?

Jessica: “Legally Blonde is fun. That is why I didn’t have any doubts when choosing it. I hope that they enjoy the show and go home smiling.”

Source: donga via Daum
Translated by: dongie@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified, taengsoshi@soshified

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