Fans in Taiwan and Japan made generous donations to commemorate Jessica’s upcoming musical performances in “Legally Blonde”.

Through charity organizations World Vision and Tree Planet, Taiwanese fans purchased and donated 100 mango saplings in Jessica’s name in support of her musical. The mango saplings will be sent to Tonj, Sudan, located in Africa, to help fight hunger. It has been reported that every ten mango trees will prevent hunger in sixteen people.

From left to right, the wreaths read:

“Please become our lover. Sica Woods~ Do you wanna be my lover? Taiwanese SONE who cheer on Sica while eating Chia Te. Taiwanese SONE who cheer on Sica while eating mangos. We will [unreadable] Sica’s lover. Taiwanese SONE who cheer on Sica while drinking bubble tea.”

Japanese fans supported Jessica’s musical by making a rice donation. They were able to gather 500 kilograms of rice.

The banner reads:

“The name that shines the most, more than anything in the world.”

Jessica’s first performance in “Legally Blonde” will take place on November 28th. Further information and future performance dates can be found on the musical’s official Facebook page.

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