tvN recently revealed a new picture of Sooyoung and her co-star Kim Seungwoo, who play the characters Lee Euijin and Kim Doohyun, respectively, from one of the scenes in “The 3rd Hospital”. The network also released some behind-the-scenes clips from the filming.

In the video, Sooyoung’s other co-star, Oh Jiho, who plays the character Kim Seunghyun, and Sooyoung are filming the scene where Lee Euijin pretends to be drunk and Kim Seunghyun has to carry her home. The always professional Sooyoung is also seen discussing the scene with the PD to act out her role even better.

The first take ended with an NG because Oh Jiho raised Sooyoung’s legs too high. Sooyoung jokingly said she looked like a spider because of this and immediately brightened up the set with her laughter. The second take went well, but Sooyoung playfully complained that she kept slipping from Oh Jiho’s back. As for the final question to Oh Jiho about Sooyoung’s weight, he smartly answered that she was as light as a feather. The behind-the-scenes footage can be seen below.

“The 3rd Hospital” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 11 PM KST on tvN. Go here for the latest subbed episode of “The 3rd Hospital” or watch it online at the official ssfsubs11 channel.

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