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tvN Releases Behind-the-Scenes Footage of “The 3rd Hospital”

The official YouTube channel for tvN released behind-the-scenes footage from “The 3rd Hospital”. In the clip, various scenes from the drama are shown as well as different parts of the filming process.

Girls’ Generation – TTS Appear as Guest Judges on “Superstar K4”

Girls’ Generation – TTS recently appeared as guest judges on Mnet’s audition program “Superstar K4”. In the episode, which took place at an army base, the three members appeared alongside the show’s official judges Lee Seungchul, Psy, and Son Dambi for the fourth season’s preliminary round.

Yuri and Yoona Attend “Project 577” Movie Premiere

On August 24th, Yuri and Yoona went to the premiere of the movie “Project 577”. Arriving with their own unique clothing styles, both were dressed casually yet professionally. The movie will be released in South Korea on August 30th.

tvN Releases Another Trailer for “The 3rd Hospital”

The official YouTube channel for tvN released another trailer for “The 3rd Hospital”. With the first episode scheduled to air on September 5th, the short clip reveals various scenes from the drama.


Yoona Featured in New Innisfree CF

Innisfree recently released another CF for its facial products. In the CF, Yoona shows off her flawless skin and radiant smile as she explains the benefits of the cream she is endorsing.

Eider Releases New Photo of Yoona and Lee Minho

Eider revealed another advertisement photo starring Yoona and Lee Minho. In the ad, the two are fashionably sporting Eider clothing.

12plus Releases CF Featuring Tiffany and Siwon

The Thailand-based facial product company 12plus recently released a CF featuring Tiffany and Super Junior’s Siwon. In the CF, Siwon is first seen feeding a flock of white doves at the pier. The scene then transitions to Tiffany, who watches him from a distance before deciding to catch his attention using 12plus’s “Double Aura Lucent BB powder”.

Yakult Releases a New Photo Featuring Taeyeon, Yoona, and Seohyun

Yakult released a new picture featuring Taeyeon, Yoona, and Seohyun for their “Diet LOOK” campaign. The photo is the current cover photo of the official Facebook page for Yakult’s “Diet LOOK”.


Ha Jungwoo Chooses Girls’ Generation – TTS

In light of his upcoming film “Project 557”, Ha Jungwoo was asked who he would like to go on a cross country trek with. His choice was Girls’ Generation – TTS. Ha Jungwoo stated, “If SM were to allow it, I would want to take Girls’ Generation – TTS, but I don’t know if SM would.” He was then asked that if he could choose only one member, which member from Girls’ Generation – TTS he would take. He replied, “I can’t choose just one member. Girls’ Generation – TTS is complete and shows off their unity when all three are together.”

Shin Sekyung Further Discusses Her Friendship with Yuri

In an interview with “Osen”, Shin Sekyung commented that due to the poor condition of the “Fashion King” drama set and lack of time, she was not able to get close to many of the actors and actresses. Shin Sekyung said, “I did get comfortable with Yuri quickly. She has a laid-back personality. She doesn’t seem like a Girls’ Generation member. Girls’ Generation members are like princesses and are really beautiful, but Yuri’s laid-back charms are greater than her beauty.” Shin Sekyung also talked about her friendship with Yuri on an episode of “Taxi“.

“W Korea” Magazine’s Staff Members Comment on Jessica’s Personality

Staff members from Jessica’s “W Korea” photoshoot commented on Jessica’s bright personality, saying, “Unlike her seemingly cold appearance, she is actually bright and cheerful. She is an unmistakably young girl who laughs and smiles a lot.” They further added, “Despite her busy schedule, she worked hard throughout the shoot. She did not show any signs of fatigue and received praise from the other staff members.” A video of the photoshoot was recently released, and scans of Jessica’s photoshoot from the September issue of “W Korea” can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Girls’ Generation Places First in Mnet Poll

Mnet recently conducted an online poll to select the number one girl group in K-Pop. Girls’ Generation came in first place, receiving 42.6% of the votes. 2NE1 came in second with 39.5%, followed by f(x), 4Minute, KARA, SISTAR, and Wonder Girls.

Sunny and Yoona Attend “THE TILBURY” Event

On August 23rd, Sunny and Yoona were present at “THE TILBURY” event held at the Lotte Department Store. The two wore matching shirts for the event; Yoona was wearing orange, and Sunny was in white. To see more pictures from the event, visit Soshified’s Photos Section.

Yuri Attends the “Samsonite RED 2012 F/W Pop Up Art Exhibition”

On August 23rd, Yuri attended the “Samsonite RED 2012 F/W Pop Up Art Exhibition”. Standing out from the rest of the crowd, Yuri wore a dark gray top combined with blue pants and a white belt. To view more photos from the event, visit Soshified’s Photos Section.

Sooyoung and Seohyun Attend the “MCM Store Renewal Opening Ceremony”

Sooyoung and Seohyun attended the “MCM Store Renewal Opening Ceremony” on August 24th. Both came to the event with bags made by the brand, which can be found in Soshified’s Styling Section. To view more photos from the event, check out Soshified’s Photos Section.

Sooyoung and Seohyun Featured in Singapore’s “i-Weekly” Magazine

Sooyoung and Seohyun were featured in the 773rd issue of Singapore’s “i-Weekly” Magazine. The article talks about the growing trend of “swallow-tail” dresses and showcases both members, along with other various celebrities, as examples.

Girls’ Generation Voted as Girl Group People Want to Go on Blind Date With

On August 26th, Y-Star’s “Goong Geum Ta” conducted a survey asking 200 people which idol group they would most like to have a blind date with, and Girls’ Generation came in first. Individually, Taeyeon came in first, followed by Jessica in third, Yuri in fourth, Hyoyeon in sixth, and Yoona in seventh. Taeyeon was voted number one for being cute, yet easy-going. The voters commented, “I’m happy just thinking about it. I could even sell my house if I could have a blind date with Taeyeon.”

Girls’ Generation Congratulates Billboard Korea for its First Year Anniversary

In commemoration of Billboard Korea’s first year anniversary, Girls’ Generation wrote a congratulatory autographed message for the staff. The message reads, “Congratulations for the one year anniversary of the launching of Billboard Korea!! ^^”

Tiffany Leaves a Message on Japanese Mobile Fansite

On August 24th, Tiffany uploaded a photo of her pink iPad case onto Girls’ Generation’s Japanese mobile fansite. She also posted a short conversational message with the picture, commenting that even the charger is pink. To read the full translated message, visit Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Taeyeon’s “Missing You Like Crazy” Wins “Best Song From a Series” at the Seoul Drama Awards

Taeyeon’s OST “Missing You Like Crazy” for the MBC drama “The King 2 Hearts” recently became a prizewinner at Seoul Drama Awards 2012. Her song was awarded under the category of “Best Song from a Series” for Hallyu TV Dramas.


Soulme Lee Posts a Photo of Herself with Seohyun

Soulme Lee, a backup dancer for SM Entertainment, recently posted a selca of herself with Seohyun. In the picture, the two are posing cutely for the camera.

Shim Jaewon Tweets Photo of Himself with SM Entertainment Artists

Shim Jaewon, an SM choreographer, recently tweeted a picture taken at “SMTOWN Live World Tour III” in Seoul. Hyoyeon, Yoona, SHINee’s Key and Taemin, and TVXQ’s Yunho can be seen in the photo.

Yoona Uploads a New UFOtown Profile Picture

Yoona recently uploaded a new UFOtown profile picture. In the photo, Yoona is making a cute expression with her sparkling eyes.

RaNia’s Riko Posts Picture of Herself with Sunny

RaNia member Riko recently tweeted a photo of herself with Sunny. The message accompanying the picture reads, “with Girls’ Generation’s Sunny senior !!!” Both girls are making peace signs and smiling for the camera.

New Sets of Pictures

Innisfree Yoona1, Yoona2, Yoona3

LG “3D Cinema TV” Group1, Group2, Group3, Group4, Group5, Group6, Group7, Group8, Group9Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona

MCM Korea Facebook Sooyoung, Seohyun

THEFACESHOP Seohyun1, Seohyun2

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

ENDO’ GENERATION recently released a dance cover for Girls’ Generation’s latest Japanese single “PAPARAZZI”. In the past, they’ve done impressive dance covers for other SoShi songs, such as “Twinkle”, “Diamond”, “The Boys”, and “MR. TAXI”.

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