Recently, Professor Seo Kyoungduk, an expert in Korean culture promotions, created a brochure to help promote the culture of South Korea. Written in English to appeal to a foreign audience, the brochure lists and explains several things that represent Korea, such as “안녕하세요” (Hello), Korean food, the traditional Korean house, hangul and hanji, and the hanbok.

In addition to these symbols of Korean culture, the professor’s brochure also contains a section on the “Hallyu” phenomenon and its steadily increasing popularity around the globe. In order to entice young readers to keep the pamphlet, Professor Seo Kyoungduk included Girls’ Generation as representative of “Hallyu”.

In response to the girls being featured so prominently in the brochure, SM Entertainment stated that “with Girls’ Generation participating in the Korean culture promotion brochure, we plan to expand and promote Korean culture more throughout the world.”

Written by: moonrise31@soshified
Contributor: minigiglo@soshified
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