In celebration of Girls’ Generation’s 5th anniversary on August 5th, Tiffany’s birthday on August 1st, and the Korean Olympic athletes, Girls’ Generation fans put out an advertisement in a newspaper.

The advertisement in pink for Girls’ Generation’s 5th anniversary reads:

“Thank you! Thank you for being our star! We are happy that we can be Girls’ Generation’s fans! Happy that we are Girls’ Generation’s SONEs.
And for that, we are also sorry. We couldn’t cheer for you all the time, we couldn’t be there to share your pain, we couldn’t do a lot for you, but SONEs are still happy, we are sorry for that.
This is a promise that stems from that guilt. To be the SONEs that our world-shining Girls’ Generation won’t be ashamed of, we will love and share that love.
Congratulations on the 5th anniversary, we are happy, we love you, and we ‘will’ love you!

2007.8.5. ‘Into the New World
After ‘Into the New World’ and our shy relationship started,

the timid smiles soon became strong yearnings,
unfamiliar nervousness turned into limitless emotions,

The times we laughed
The times we cried
And the times
We spent

157,680,000 seconds
2,628,000 minutes
43,800 hours
1,825 days
5 years”

The poem for Tiffany’s birthday reads:

“This is a beautiful dream

Something was shining so brightly,
we thought it was the morning sun
but it was your smile.
It was so beautiful,
we thought it was a dream
and then you smiled.


The part of the advertisement supporting Korea’s Olympic team reads:

“We are proud of the Korean Olympic team’s effort

We will cheer for ‘Shining Korea’ with ‘Shining Girls’ Generation’

Twinkle Girls’ Generation!
Twinkle Korea!”

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Source: AsiaToday
Translated by: dongie@soshified
Edited by: kt9823@soshified, LetsGo@soshified, MoonSoshi9@soshified

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