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“CeCi” Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video of Tiffany’s Photoshoot

To promote Tiffany’s appearance in the magazine’s August issue, “CeCi” uploaded a video onto its YouTube channel with footage from the photoshoot. The clips show Tiffany on several of the sets used for the shoot, accompanied by a mysterious wolf-headed man. The video ends with Tiffany cheerfully telling viewers in English, “I love ‘CeCi’!”

Jessica, Yuri, and Yoona Show Their Support for Korea’s Badminton Team and Introduce the Archery and Fencing Events


In these two short video clips, Jessica and Yoona show their support for the Korea’s badminton team, and Yuri helps to introduce the upcoming archery and fencing events on MBC. You can read more about Girls’ Generation’s promotions for MBC’s broadcastof the Olympics here.



Yuri Featured in New Photo for “Share Your Umbrella” Campaign

Yuri was featured in a new promotion for AMOREPACIFIC’s “Share Your Umbrella” campaign. The promotion gave fans a chance to receive an autographed “Share Your Umbrella” umbrella from Yuri.

Innisfree Shares a New Photo of Yoona

Innisfree’s official Twitter account tweeted the above photo of Yoona, giving a sneak peak at a new CF she is working on. Though very focused on the photoshoot, Yoona’s beauty still radiates.

Ace Bed Releases New Photo of Girls’ Generation

Recently, Ace Bed released another promotional picture featuring Girls’ Generation. The girls are all wearing bright, colorful outfits that compliment their cheerful smiles and stunning beauty.

Girls’ Generation Featured in New LG Photo Advertisement

LG has released another picture advertisement of the girls in their cheerleading outfits to promote the company’s Cinema 3D TV. To find out more about the girls’ endorsement of LG and the London Olympics, check out this article.


SMTOWN Virtual Nation Citizen Passport Released

The Japanese SMTOWN website recently announced the release of a passport to become a citizen of the virtual nation of SMTOWN. People who own the passport, which is being sold only in Japan, can receive a stamp for every SM Entertainment concert or event that they attend. These fans will also have access to special sponsored events held specifically for passport holders.

Seohyun Spotted at Shin Seunghoon’s “One Concert”

On July 14th, Seohyun was spotted attending Shin Seunghoon’s “One Concert”. Though dressed very casually, Seohyun’s beauty still shone as she attentively watched the concert.

Taeyeon Attends Sisley Launching Event

Sisley, a clothing brand store, held a launching event for a special new product on July 24th. Taeyeon attended the event while wearing a pretty summer dress and cute heels.

Yoona Attends “Love Rain” Press Conference in Japan

Yoona, alongside her “Love Rain” co-star Jang Geunsuk, took part in the drama’s press conference in Japan to promote its broadcast in Japan. Yoona, dressed in an elegant red dress, displayed her stunning beauty.

Yoona Leaves a Message and Photos on Girls’ Generation Official Website

Yoona recently took two selcas and uploaded them, along with a personalized message for fans, onto Girls’ Generation’s official website. She wrote the message in Japan, where she had been promoting the Japanese release of “Love Rain”. To see both photos and the full translated message, visit Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Sunny Leaves a Message on the Official Girls’ Generation Website

Sunny left a message on the girls’ official website apologizing for her absence from their fifth anniversary celebration, as well as for making fans worry about her health. She wrote that she was taking medicine and was feeling a lot better and ended with a promise to make more happy memories with SONEs in the future. Read the full translated message in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.


Jang Geunsuk Tweets Photos of Himself and Yoona


Jang Geunsuk tweeted two photos of himself and Yoona at the “Love Rain” press conference in Japan. In the first photo, Yoona is posing with a peace sign and a cute smile. In the second, both actors are getting prepared for the press conference.

Super Junior’s Yesung Tweets a Photo of Himself and Seohyun

Super Junior member Yesung recently tweeted a selca of himself with Seohyun. His tweet read: “With a really good-hearted dongsaeng, Seohyun ^^”.

“High Cut” Releases New Photo of Girls’ Generation

“High Cut” magazine recently posted a new picture of Girls’ Generation on its website. To see more of the girls’ photos from “High Cut”, check out the thread in Soshified’s Photos Section.

MBC Releases Picture of Hyoyeon from “Dancing with the Stars II”

MBC recently uploaded a photo of Hyoyeon and Hyungsuk performing the “Cha-cha-cha”, which was their last dance on “Dancing with the Stars II”. The picture brought back memories from the ending of the show last week, which was discussed in this article.

Sooyoung, Soojin, and Soojin’s Co-star Appear in Post-Performance Photo

Sooyoung, her sister Soojin, and Soojin’s male co-star in her current musical recently appeared in a photo together. Soojin’s male co-star had previously shared another photo when Sooyoung attended the musical on July 12th, which can be seen here.

Ashley Choi Tweets a Photo of Herself and Sooyoung

Ashley Choi, a friend of Sooyoung’s who lives in Los Angeles, tweeted an old selca of herself with Sooyoung. The message that accompanied her tweet read, “I miss my sistas! Hurry & get out here Sooyoung & @janehchoi!”

Girls’ Generation’s Japanese Mobile Fansite Shares a Message From Sunny

Sunny recently took a picture and left a message for Girls’ Generation’s Japanese mobile fansite. The picture shows Sunny, dressed in “PAPARAZZI” attire, drawing pictures and cutely posing for the camera. In the message, she jokes with fans about her drawings. To read the full message, check out Soshified’s Translated Goodies section.

New Sets of Pictures

Casio – Baby-G Group

CIBA VISION – FreshLookYoona1Yoona2

Face ShopSeohyun1, Seohyun2, Seohyun3

GiRL de Provence Group

Nylon Group, Hyoyeon, Seohyun

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

SONEs are fans with many different talents, so it’s no surprise that Girls’ Generation has plenty of fanart. This digital painting of Yuri, created through Photoshop, is exceptionally well done, and could easily be mistaken for a page out of the “Paradise in Phuket” photobook.

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