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Hello listeners, guess who? It’s Michelle, a.k.a. DJ Giggles, and I’m back with Soshified’s first summer podcast. It’s been half a year since monthly Writers’ Podcasts have been released, and all the positive reactions we receive from our listeners is what makes us work harder to bring you better podcasts every month.

Summer is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than with another Writers’ podcast! While enjoying the good weather, why not put on some headphones and give this June Podcast a listen. A little longer than any other podcast released, our June edition is packed with memories of an unforgettable weekend, including concert fan accounts, and tidbits regarding Girls’ Generation’s newest song release.

For people who have listened to our podcasts in the past, you guys know the drill. However, to all the new listeners who are just tuning in, fun times are simply a click away! All you have to do is press the play button under the pink banner then sit back and enjoy! In this podcast, please welcome back three writers who have recently returned from sunny California after an amazing weekend: Jon (MoonSoshi9), Michael (michaelroni) and Dave (SNSDave). We will also be featuring the friendly voice of Seraph (SeraphKY) who will be most helpful during our discussions about Girls’ Generation’s latest Japanese promotions. Without further ado, allow me to give a brief overview of the June 2012 Writers’ podcast.

In this first edition of summer podcast, listen carefully as our three SMTowners recap and relive their unforgettable concert weekend. Follow them as they greet Girls’ Generation at the airport, party it up with fellow SONEs, and fanboy at the top of their lungs during yet another successful SMTown concert. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Keep listening as SMTown comes to an end, and everyone scrambles to Northern California in order to attend MBC’s “Korean Music Wave in Google” the following evening. From car rides and a sleepy Jon to a lineup that could stretch along China, listen to Michael, Jon and Dave as they recount Girls’ Generation’s mesmerizing performances and rave about our favorite MCs, Taeyeon and Tiffany. In the last segment of this podcast, we will be discussing about everything related to Girls’ Generation’s fourth Japanese single, “Paparazzi”. From why we love the song, to the sheer complexity of their choreography, we’ll be covering everything in detail and fangirling along the way. There will even be a special section dedicated to outfits as we attempt to analyze the new fashion trend that seems to be emerging. Could Girls’ Generation have made pink rubber gloves the hottest item to own this summer? And what was that about a zombie music video with horse masks?! Listen until the end to get all the facts!

As the “Paparazzi” segment comes to an end, regular listeners may have realized that there was no debate in this podcast. Unfortunately, due to the length of the concert recaps, a debate would have made the podcast just a tad too long. For listeners who were looking forward to a debate, fear not, we promise it will be back in the July edition. Please look forward to it!

That wraps up our June 2012 Writers’ podcast. Thank you to all the writers for participating and sharing your wonderful concert weekend with all listeners! Don’t forget, if you haven’t listened to our previous podcasts, please click on the link below. We look forward to being back again next month!

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