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We promised you we’d be back again this month, so here we are! Due to a busy month of April, we unfortunately had to release the April Podcast at the beginning of May. However, now that everything is back on track again, please sit back and give the May 2012 podcast a listen. We guarantee fun, laughter and plenty of Girls’ Generation tidbits from our podcast participants.

Hello again everyone! DJ Giggles, a.k.a. Michelle, is back for the second time in May to present Soshified’s fifth podcast. First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has been continuously supporting the Writers’ Podcast, it really means a lot to us! And, to all the new listeners, thank you for taking the time to visit this page, and on behalf of all the writers, we hope that you’ll enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy recording them!

Right under the lovely pink Writers’ Podcast banner, you will find a bar with a play button on the far left hand side. Hover your mouse over that button and click! Once the Etude opening finishes, you will surely recognize the familiar voices of Seraph (SeraphKY), Beth (bethlyhem.), and myself (FrozenArctic). Continue listening and you’ll soon hear the friendly voice of Dave (SNSDave) who is a Writer and Stylist on Soshified. Also, this month’s podcast will be featuring the cheerful voice of Soshfied’s forum founder, Soy. When the Writers’ team was first founded, Soy and a few other members helped around left and right to ensure SONEs were constantly kept updated with everything related to Girls’ Generation. Slowly, with the help of many hardworking people, the Writers’ team slowly grew and developed into the solid team it is today.

In the May edition of the Writers’ Podcast, we will be covering everything up to date concerning the new subunit, Girls’ Generation – TTS and their brand new mini album, “Twinkle”. From their songs to their music video and various promotions, listen as we discuss the “Twinkle” concept as a whole as well as our opinions regarding Girls’ Generation’s first time promoting in numbers less than nine. Then, don’t tune us out as we move on to our monthly drama discussions. Listen carefully as Seraph makes a very clever analysis regarding the symbolic importance of snow in Yoona’s drama “Love Rain”. Wait, wasn’t the symbol of this drama supposed to be rain? Guess you’ll just have to listen to find out! This month, we’ll also be continuing with our regular debate segment. In the May Podcast, Soy and Dave will be featured as they discuss whether or not they prefer seeing Girls’ Generation promoting as nine. Should the girls be encouraged to pursue more solo or subunit activities, or should it always remain “nine or nothing”? Play our podcast all the way until the end to find out!

That wraps up our May 2012 edition of the Writers’ Podcast. With the completion of two concerts, SMTown LA and the Korean Music Wave, make sure to keep a lookout for us in June as a few writers will participate to give us their personal fan accounts of their Soshi-filled weekend. Hope all the listeners enjoyed this recording, and we’ll be back next month with another exciting podcast!

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