Jessica and Tiffany recently conducted a photo shoot at Chanel’s makeup pop-up store.

The photo shoot was designed to commemorate the opening of Chanel’s first makeup pop-up store in the world. A representative for Chanel stated, “We chose these two as models because they are trendy and active global stars, hence they are suitable fashion and beauty icons for females in their twenties.”

Jessica and Tiffany, who have been actively involved in this project, also said, “we have been interested in Chanel’s unique trait of being classic yet modern.”

The two girls, who wore several of Chanel’s classy and colorful outfits for the photo shoot, turned out lovely in pink and peach make-up.

Chanel and Vogue Girl invited 100 people to the event. Those who attended the opening were able to witness Jessica and Tiffany’s transformation for the photo shoot.

Source: Nate
Translated by: SNSDDani@soshified
Edited by: Best Served Soup@soshified, letaengbutt@soshified