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LG Releases Behind-the-Scenes Photoshoot Footage with Girls’ Generation

LG recently released 36 clips showing a photoshoot and filming for Girls’ Generation’s latest CF. In each of the clips, the members of Girls’ Generation have fun, smile for the camera, and show off the new Cinema 3D TV. The video above combines all 36 video clips into one.

SM Entertainment Releases a New Teaser for “I AM”

SM Entertainment has given fans another preview of “I AM” with the release of a teaser showing pre-debut clips of its popular artists. The members of Girls’ Generation can be spotted several times throughout the preview, practicing their dancing and smiling for the camera. Do you recognize any of the girls?

“Catch Me If You Can” Airs a New Commercial

“Catch Me If You Can” has aired a new commercial featuring video from several performances of the musical. Unlike previous teasers, this commercial gives viewers a look at actual live performances. Sunny can be seen several times as “Brenda”.

PowerhouseLive Uploads a Video Teaser for SMTown in Los Angeles

On April 17th, PowerhouseLive uploaded a video onto its YouTube channel advertising the next SMTown concert to be held at the Honda Center in Los Angeles on May 20th at 7:00 PM. Among those lighting up the arena will be Girls’ Generation, along with other artists from SM Entertainment. You can find more information about SMTown in Los Angeles here.

Hyoyeon and Sooyoung Appear on “Shinhwa Show”

On April 21st, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung appeared on “Shinhwa Show”, showing the two backstage at a Shinhwa concert. In the video, Sooyoung says, “Shinhwa’s music came out in our generation, so the memories of that time kept popping up today. We had a really great time.”


Girls’ Generation’s Subunit “Girls’ Generation-TTS” Reported in MyPaper

MyPaper, a newspaper based in Singapore, recently reported on Girls’ Generation’s upcoming subunit, “Girls’ Generation-TTS”. It seems that SONEs all around the world are excited for the debut of the subunit and are looking forward to the new song, “Twinkle”. You can read more about the subunit here.

Sooyoung Featured in May Edition of Marie Claire Magazine

Sooyoung will be featured in the May edition of Marie Claire magazine. You can check out photos and scans from the magazine shoot in Soshified’s Photos Section.  Earlier this month, Marie Claire also conducted an interview with Sooyoung in which she answered questions from fans.

Jessica Voted As the Idol Who Most Suits the Image of a Mysterious Femme Fatale

In a poll conducted from April 9th to April 16th on ticketing website “Yes24”, Jessica was voted as the idol who most suits the image of a mysterious femme fatale, receiving 36% of the vote. The poll was conducted in reference to the movie “The Scent”, a comedy and thriller. Krystal from f(x), Jessica’s sister, was voted second and Yoona was voted fourth.

Sooyoung and Seohyun Attend “‘Open Your Eyes’ by Ray + H&M Art Collaboration Event”

Sooyoung and Seohyun attended the “‘Open Your Eyes’ by Ray + H&M Art Collaboration Event” held in Gangnam-gu, where both stunned everybody with their outfits and looks. Sooyoung wore a floral-patterned dress and Seohyun was clad in a sleek pink dress. Both outfits showed off their long legs. You can check out more press photos from the event in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Yuri’s Handprint Goes on Display at Gimpo Airport

The four lead actors in “Fashion King”, including Yuri, have had their handprints placed on display at the “Fashion King Exhibition Hall” located in the Lotte Mall at Gimpo Airport. You can check out a close-up of Yuri’s handprint here, and more photos from the “Fashion King Exhibition Hall” here.

Girls’ Generation Ranks Second on “MTV Music Meter”‘s “Up & Coming Artists” Chart

Girls’ Generation recently placed second on “MTV Music Meter”‘s “Up & Coming” chart. “MTV Music Meter” is a phone application designed to help users discover music. The application looks at tweets, blogs and articles to discover which artists are being talked about on the internet. You can check out “MTV Music Meter” here and download the application from the iTunes application store here.


Jessica Sings “Kiss Me” at a Wedding Ceremony

On April 14th, Jessica attended the wedding of an SM Entertainment employee, where she sang the song “Kiss Me”. This photo of Jessica was originally posted on the blog of the wedding hall where the wedding reception took place. You can listen to Jessica sing “Kiss Me” during a radio show appearance here.

Sunny Appears in a Photo with Shinhwa’s Eric and Minwoo

Shinhwa member Minwoo tweeted that Sunny invited Minwoo and fellow Shinhwa member Eric to see the musical “Catch Me if You Can”, in which Sunny plays “Brenda”. Sunny flashed her bright smile in a photo that the three took together. Minwoo’s tweet reads, “Thanks to Sunny’s invitation, Eric and Minwoo used their sweet day off to watch a musical. It’s really fun and more jjang than the movie! Kyuhyun ganji! Sunny’s cuteness jjang! Hurray Soshi SuJu!” (Editor’s note: Kyuhyun is a member of Super Junior and plays the role of “Frank” in the musical. “SuJu” is an abbreviation for Super Junior.)

Jessica Leaves a Thank You Message and Posts Photos on Girls’ Generation’s Official Website

On April 18th, Jessica posted a message and three photos on Girls’ Generation’s official website to thank fans for all the love she received on her birthday. In it, she mentioned how she celebrated with the other members of Girls’ Generation and showed how much she appreciated all her fans. You can read the translated message and check out the other photos in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Tiffany Posts a Message for Fans on Japanese Mobile Fansite

Tiffany recently left a message on Girls’ Generation’s Japanese mobile fansite. Along with the message was a photo of her wearing blue gloves and looking very cute. The translation of her message can be found in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Honey Lee Takes a Photo of Herself with Jessica

Honey Lee, Jessica’s co-star when they performed in the musical “Legally Blonde”, recently tweeted a photo of herself with Jessica. Though the musical ran from late 2009 to early 2010, it seems like Jessica is still keeping in touch with her co-stars years later.

New Sets of Pictures

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SONE Picture/Video of the Week


To celebrate Jessica’s birthday on April 18th, many fans of Girls’ Generation took to their computers and made videos dedicated to our beloved “Ice Princess”. This week’s “SONE Video” combined clips featuring Jessica in performances, on variety shows, in concerts, and much more. Watch as Jessica displays her quirks and the many sides to her personality, while showing her love for her members, her sister, and her fans, making it clear just why we love her. Happy Birthday Jessica.

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