Hello and welcome to the seventh edition of Soshified’s “The Best of the Best”, a monthly look into the best examples from categories of just about anything related to Girls’ Generation. “The Best of the Best” will be slightly different from now on in that it will be me, bhost909, choosing the top five each month, but other than that, the “The Best of the Best” will be exactly the same! As decided by your votes last month, I listed my favorite Girls’ Generation cover songs and the reasons why, and also included videos of the song covers after each pick to help you decide if you agree or if you think I’m just plain crazy. It can be tough to choose, but please be sure to let me know in the comments what would have been in your own top five! Finally, this feature is all about what you want to see, so don’t forget to vote in the poll to determine what category I’ll be tearing my hair out over for next month’s “The Best of the Best”. Now that all that’s done, here we go with this month’s top five.

5. Heaven – Jessica and Tiffany

Perhaps the most well-known duet by Girls’ Generation’s resident English speakers, Jessica and Tiffany’s “Heaven” begins the list of my favorite covers by Girls’ Generation. Originally sung by Bryan Adams in 1983, “Heaven” has since been covered by many popular artists, a list which Jessica and Tiffany joined in 2008. Appearing on Mnet’s “Madam B Salon”, the two performed their own touching version of the power ballad. While Jessica’s voice is higher in pitch, soft, and sweet, Tiffany’s voice is low and husky, and the two meld together to make a unique combination. Jessica displayed fantastic control over her vocals, while Tiffany was able to show off the strength of her voice. Though they have gone on to perform other amazing duets such as “Genie in a Bottle” and “Talk To Me”, “Heaven” is still my favorite collaboration between Jessica and Tiffany. This duet earns the fifth spot on my list for its distinct sound and Jessica and Tiffany’s emotional singing.

4. Tell Me – Girls’ Generation

On a “Music Bank” special in August of 2008, Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls traded songs with each other for a unique pair of performance stages. Wonder Girls covered Girls’ Generation’s “Kissing You”, while Girls’ Generation covered Wonder Girls’s hit, “Tell Me”. With this performance, Girls’ Generation showed that they had the ability to adapt to nearly any concept, performing a song very different from the ones they had promoted. They altered how lines in the song were distributed, changed the choreography to accommodate nine people instead of the usual five in the Wonder Girls, and gave Hyoyeon the song’s lengthy dance solo. Taeyeon and Jessica, who received the majority of the lines in the song, proved they could take on unfamiliar lyrics while dancing an unfamiliar choreography, and Hyoyeon and Yuri successfully split and performed the song’s rap. Overall, the vocals of all the members combined with the choreography made “Tell Me” a successful cover, and fourth on my list of best ever covers by Girls’ Generation.

3. I Want You and Resent You – Taeyeon and Jessica

Taeyeon and Jessica’s cover of As One’s “I Want You and Resent You” is next on the list of my favorite covers by Girls’ Generation. Performed just three weeks after their debut in August of 2007, the two demonstrated why they would later become known nationwide as two of Girls’ Generation’s strongest vocalists. Their voices shined both when harmonizing and on their own, as the song showcased Taeyeon’s powerful and soothing voice and Jessica’s amazing control. With “I Want You and Resent You”, Taeyeon and Jessica presented a spectacular cover that showed off their tremendous talents at only eighteen years old, and took the third spot on this list.

2. Because You Loved Me – Taeyeon and Seohyun

Girls’ Generation’s leader and maknae haven’t had many chances to sing duets together, and with their cover of Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me”, I can’t help but wonder why. On Taeyeon’s Chinchin Radio in July of 2009, Taeyeon and Seohyun took on a worldwide hit and delivered a beautiful rendition that combined Taeyeon’s powerful vocals with Seohyun’s gentle voice and flawless harmonies. Their high notes were stunning and despite not singing in Korean, their accents nearly go unnoticed. Taeyeon and Seohyun’s rich voices both complement each other and fit the song’s emotional lyrics, making the two a well-chosen pair for a very touching song. The blend of their voices and perfect choice of song win “Because You Loved Me” second on top five list of my favorite Girls’ Generation covers.

1. Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation

It can be easy to forget that “Girls’ Generation”, the title track of Girls’ Generation’s self-titled debut album, is also a cover of a song by legendary vocalist Lee Seungchul. The song that gave one of Korea’s most famous girl groups its name, “Girls’ Generation” was originally released as part of Lee Seungchul’s album “The Last Concert” on December 10th, 1989, just five days after Yuri was born. Nearly eighteen years later in November of 2007, the members of Girls’ Generation released their first full length album and made their first comeback performances on various music shows with a reinvented “Girls’ Generation”. What was originally a song as old as six members of Girls’ Generation and performed by an accomplished male vocalist became a modernized pop track for nine young women just starting out in the entertainment world. Girls’ Generation transformed this song into their own, complete with a music video, performance outfits, and dance choreography, and would eventually perform “Girls’ Generation” in concerts all around the world. Until another song receives the same treatment, “Girls’ Generation” is my pick for Girls’ Generation’s very best cover.


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