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Girls’ Generation’s Official YouTube Channel Releases a Video Recapping Girls’ Generation’s Stay in New York

Girls’ Generation’s official YouTube channel released a video titled “Girls’ Generation Takes New York”. The video recaps Girls’ Generation’s visit to New York City and shows several of the websites which reported on the girls and their performances on American TV. SONEs who went to New York to see Girls’ Generation were also featured giving them a shout out on camera. It seems Girls’ Generation’s popularity in the United States is definitely on the rise.

Yoona Discusses Her Kiss Scene with Jang Geunsuk

At the recent “Love Rain” press conference on March 22nd, Yoona talked about her kiss scene with Jang Geunsuk. Yoona was asked, “Were you burdened about the kiss scene with Jang Geunsuk because of his fans?” Since the two of them haven’t kissed yet, save for a scene with a light peck, Yoona revealed that it was a little scary when she thought about it. However, she concluded her answer with a witty response, saying that she has her own fans as well. At the end of the clip, Yoona sends a message to both fans of Girls’ Generation and fans of Jang Geunsuk, hoping that they won’t take their acting out of context and create misunderstandings.

SM Entertainment Releases a Second Teaser for “I Am”

Another teaser for the movie “I Am” has been released, showing more behind-the-scenes footage of SM Entertainment artists performing at SMTown New York. The video reveals the interactions between the different groups and also within each group as well. The movie is set to be released in May this year.


The Lotte Department Store has released Girls’ Generation’s new endorsement photo for the chain’s Pyeong-chon store. The advertisement features the members of Girls’ Generation and the word “open”, emphasizing the store’s upcoming grand opening on March 29th.


Girls’ Generation Diary Application Released on iTunes

Girls’ Generation has released a diary application entitled “2012 Girls’ Generation Diary”. In addition to a calendar in which users can write journal entries and reminders, the application also features a gallery with photos, videos from the SMTown YouTube channel, and a special page where photos can be unlocked by completing certain tasks, such as using the app for three days in a row. The application is now available for iPhone users and can be purchased here.

Taeyeon and Yuri Answer UFO Messages

Part two of Taeyeon’s UFO replies from March 15th and two replies from Yuri can be found in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section. Be sure to read Taeyeon’s answers to questions ranging from how to become closer with roommates to her thoughts on the music video for “Time Machine”, as well as Yuri’s responses to messages about “Fashion King”.

“Fashion King” Staff Diary Message Posted on Girls’ Generation’s Website and “W Korea” Photos Released on Girls’ Generation’s Official Facebook Page

The staff of Girls’ Generation’s official website posted a message about Yuri’s appearance in the drama “Fashion King”. The message says, “Hello. ^_^ The hot issue drama with Girls’ Generation’s Yuri has started this week. You guys are all watching it live right? For our fans always cheering us on, today I shall include photos from W Korea’s photoshoot of the filming of ‘Fashion King’ in New York.  The awesome pictures will be available in W Korea’s April edition. Please look forward to ‘Fashion King’ next week and cheer for Yuri, who is acting as ‘Choi Anna’.” You can view the original message and the pictures posted here. Photos from the fashion shoot were also posted on Girls’ Generation’s official Facebook page. You can check out these pictures in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Yuri’s English-Speaking Skills a Popular Topic with Netizens

Yuri’s fluent English during the second episode of SBS’s “Fashion King”  has garnered much attention among netizens. Yuri plays the role of Choi Anna, a fashion designer in New York, and thus is expected to be able to speak English fluently. In the episode, Yuri lives up to her expectations and stuns viewers when she easily speaks with foreigners. You can download Yuri’s cut from the second episode of “Fashion King” here.

Girls’ Generation to Perform at 2012 Dream Concert

Girls’ Generation will be performing at the 2012 Dream Concert held in Seoul this year. The concert, scheduled to be held on May 12th, will include performances by labelmates TVXQ and f(x) as well. The venue of the concert is the Seoul World Cup Stadium, and the concert will begin at 6:30PM.

Girls’ Generation Featured in Sin Chew Daily

Following their recent performance in Malaysia for the “Twin Towers @Live 2012 in Malaysia”, Girls’ Generation was featured in the “Sin Chew Daily”, a newspaper based in Malaysia with a daily circulation of roughly 400,000 copies. You can read about Girls’ Generation’s performance at “Twin Towers @Live 2012 in Malaysia” here.

Jessica and Krystal Featured in “My Paper”

Jessica and her sister Krystal from f(x) were recently featured in “My Paper”, a newspaper based in Singapore. The article discusses the relationship between the siblings in Korean entertainment and mentions how Jessica frequently gave Krystal advice when she first debuted. The article also brings up an incident where Krystal brought Jessica a glass of water as she was practicing her lines for “Wild Romance”.


Sooyoung and Soojin Take a Selca Together at Shinhwa’s Concert

Choi Sooyoung and her elder sister, Choi Soojin, attended Shinhwa’s concert, where they took a selca with their tickets. Besides Sooyoung and Soojin, Sooyoung’s fellow members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Hyoyeon also attended the concert. Aren’t the sisters just gorgeous?

New Sets of Pictures

Fashion King Yuri1, Yuri2, Yuri3, Yuri4, Yuri5, Yuri6, Yuri7, Yuri8, Yuri9

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

Though K-Pop and orchestras seem like a strange combination, orchestral versions of K-Pop songs have proven to be very popular. This week’s video features an orchestral rendition of Girls’ Generation’s runaway hit “Gee”.

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