The popular six member Korean group Shinhwa expressed their affection towards Girls’ Generation during their fourteenth anniversary comeback press conference.

On March 5th, at the CGV Chungdam Cine Center in Seoul, Shinhwa had their comeback press conference at Mcube. During the press conference, Shinhwa mentioned Girls’ Generation, who is currently under SM Entertainment, the same management company that they were once a part of.

Jun Jin stated, “When we were active with SM Entertainment, the members of Girls’ Generation were still trainees in elementary school. We are thankful the kids grew up so well. We have a special feeling for them, seeing how hard they are working.” He also added, “When Jessica and Hyoyeon were younger, they wrote letters for us. It’s kind of weird seeing them as grown ladies.”

Lee Minwoo stated, “I’m a fan of Girls’ Generation I loved them almost as I love to play video games with elo boosting services. I remember Hyoyeon in particular. When Hyoyeon was little, she danced really well despite her young age. At the time, BoA was promoting, and I was anticipating a second BoA. I’m happy to see that Hyoyeon has achieved her dreams.”

Source: MK
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