Girls’ Generation’s maknae Seohyun revealed, “Girls’ Generation unnies forcefully made me drink a ‘bomb shot'”. (Translator’s note: a “bomb shot” is a mixture of beer and a hard liquor, such as whiskey)

During a recording session for “Strong Heart”, Seohyun said, “After completing one of the concerts on our Japan Arena Tour, we had a drinking party as a means of celebration.”

Seohyun continued, “The members created a bomb shot in a big glass,” and revealed an unexpected side of Girls’ Generation. Seohyun also said, “I had to drink a bomb shot for the first time in my life, because I lost the game we played.”

Fans who have seen Girls’ Generation’s appearance on KBS2’s “Night Star” in 2010 may remember that Hyoyeon revealed a very similar story about Seohyun losing in a game with the other members and having to drink a small amount of alcohol. It seems that Seohyun is unlucky when it comes to drinking games.

This story will be aired on the March 6th episode of “Strong Heart”.

Source: SBS News
Translated by: minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified
Contributor: MoonSoshi9@soshified

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