Rehearsal videos of Girls’ Generation’s “MR. TAXI” and “The Boys” have recently been discovered online. “The Boys” was Girls’ Generation’s lead track from their third full Korean album, while “MR. TAXI” was originally released as a Japanese single, but a Korean version was also promoted last year after Girls’ Generation concluded promotions for “The Boys”.

In the videos, the members of Girls’ Generation can be seen practicing the choreography for the Korean version of “MR. TAXI” and “The Boys”. Despite only rehearsing the dance, the members flawlessly performed the entire choreography for both songs. Fans were especially excited to see the members wearing casual outfits and sneakers instead of their usual performance uniforms and high heels.

Check out the practice room videos for “MR. TAXI” and “The Boys” below. You can also download the rehearsal clips for “MR. TAXI” and “The Boys” in Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.


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